Disney knows how to create a unique experience and the Disney Wilderness Lodge Swimming Pool is not an exception. As you enter the Massive Main Lobby, one of the first things you notice, after getting over looking around at the sheer size of this building, is the fact that you hear running water from the back of the lodge.

After you check in, you head back to a wood bridge and find that there is a water spring flowing up and out of the back of this building. That is not something you see, or hear, everyday. Some people will sit around this spring for hours to just enjoy the sounds of the running waters. As you follow the Silver Creek, of gently flowing water from the spring, you will notice that there is a Large Family Swimming Pool at the end. What a grand and fun way to present the Water Fun setting at this amazing Lodge.

The Silver Creek Springs Pool is a fantastic area to enjoy with all age groups in your family. This is a heated pool, so the temperature is always, just right no matter what time of day you jump in. The large Rocks and Tall Trees that surround the Pool make you feel as if you are sitting at a watering hole somewhere deep in a North West National Park. Towels are provided by the pool area so there is no need to bring anything but sunscreen and your favorite book while the kids jump around and play. The fun 67 foot Water Slide will be the first thing that your kids see. They will spend hours walking around the rock structure that encloses this beautiful Water Slide structure.

If you have toddlers or small children, the small round Kiddie Pool is nearby with plenty of places to lounge around while the little ones splash and play in there own shallow paradise. For the adults and even the older kids, there are 2 large Whirlpool Spas that sit just above the pool area. They are unique, because one of them is a Hot Spa and the other is a Cool Spa. This is not something that you will see in very many locations. If you are looking for a place to relax that is more on the peaceful side of things, you might want to head over to the Quiet Hidden Springs Pool located behind the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. This pool is a great place for the adults to get away and relax while all of the excitement is going on at the Silver Creek Pool. A large Hot Tub is located by this pool area as well for your enjoyment.

Not all of the Water Fun Excitement can be had at the Swimming Pools. Since the Disney Wilderness Lodge is located on the banks of the Bay Lake, that puts it in the perfect place to have access to many additional Water Sports activities. If this is something you would be interested in exploring, head on down to the Bay Lake Beach area and you will see the Teton Boat & Bike Rental shack. The helpful Disney staff will set you up with any of the water craft that they have available to them. The selection is pretty broad with many different Motorized Boats, Paddle Boats and even Sailboats to choose from. If you are in to fishing, there are even guided fishing excursions that are designed for all ages and experience levels

Disney Wilderness Lodge Swimming Pool Information

Take the family for a wonderful time at the main Silver Springs Pool or slip off behind the Villas to have a little seclusion. Either way there is plenty of fun to be had with all of the Water Features and Water Sports available at the Wilderness Lodge.