Recreation at the Disney Wilderness Lodge

Wonder & amazement come over everyone who visits the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort. Add in all of the fun activities around the Wilderness Lodge and it becomes one of the best Disney World Deluxe Resorts available. Of course, the Copper Creek Springs Pool, located near the Bay Lake is one of the most fun things to do, having kids splash park, and a 67-foot water slide built into a large rock formation. But, this is not all of the fun to be had at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. Walk past the Copper Creek pool, down to the Marina and take a boat out on the water and see the resort from a different viewpoint. Bike rentals are always fun, and a ride along the path to the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is always fun. Take the kids to the playground and catch up on some reading while they are off playing.

Fun things to do Disney Wilderness Lodge

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View of the Disney Wilderness Lodge Silver Springs Pool with Water slide and Lifeguard watching over 600
Family Pool and Quiet Pool at Wilderness Lodge Resort in Disney World, water slide for adults, kids splash park with small water slides, sprinklers, dumping water bucket, quiet pool, hot and cool whirlpool spa, boats at the marina
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Buttons and Bells Arcade

Bring the kids inside for a little while and let them enjoy the fantastic Buttons and Bells Arcade. It can get hot in Orlando and getting out of the sun at times can be a good thing. The Buttons and Bells arcade offers many different game styles and the kids will have a great time playing while you have a great time cooling off.

Bike rental area at Reunion Station Marina Disney Fort Wildernes Resort 600

Bike Rental

Down at the Reunion Station Marina, renting a bike is a fun way to get around the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort. For even more fun, take the trail that connect to the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and ride around this massive 750 acre campground. There is so much to see.

Sea Raycer on open water Seven Seas Lagoon Disney World 960

Boat Rentals

Getting on the water in Bay Lake on your very own boat makes for an exciting family adventure. Take the whole family out on a pontoon boat or race around with more personal experience in one of the fun SeaRay Raycers.

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Campfire Fun

At night, the campfire is the place to be for wonderful stories, sing-a-longs and be sure to come a little hungry because nothing can beat marshmallows and creating delicious smores. Ask your kids at the end of the trip what their most fun moment was and the campfire might be at the top of the list.

Popcorn and Movie Tickets 960

Movies under the stars

Watching a Disney Movie after the sun goes down on the beach at the Disney Wilderness Lodge is a great end to a perfect day. Movies are shown on the lawn just past the Copper Creek Springs Pool, and on the other side of Geyser Point Bar & Grill.

Walking path from the Disney Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness Campground 960

Jogging Trail

When it comes to getting out in nature and having unlimited space to run, jog, walk, or ride your bike, the Disney Wilderness Lodge is one of the best places to stay. A beautiful path winds around the entire Wilderness Lodge Resort and there is a long, 1-mile path that leads to the 750 acres that make up the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. If you have not been to the Campground before, you are in for a real treat. Take a look at all of the Fun things to do at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground and you will definitly want to head over that way.

Disney Wilderness Lodge

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