One of the great conveniences about staying at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orland is the fact that it is the only Disney hotel that has a stop by the Monorail system. This makes it so easy to get to Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. All you have to do is get to the platform, on level 4 of the hotel and wait for the Monorail to come pick you up. This also makes a very exciting adventure for the kids in the group because what is cooler than being picked up on the Disney Monorail? It is also nice being in the Disney World area because you have free shuttle service to any of the Disney locations that you would like to go to. If you decide that you would like to venture away from Disney for a while, you can head east and go to SeaWorld or drive North a little ways and have access to all of the Universal Parks. You can’t go wrong when you stay at a Disney location. Being right in the middle of the parks is such a big perk and since it is Disney, they will make it a time to remember.

Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando Florida Location