Take a look at Disney Fort Wilderness Pool Photos and see how much fun your family will have camping while enjoying the 2 pool areas available. The Meadows Pool is the larger of the two offering a really big pool with a Corkscrew Water Slide that is fun for the larger kids in the group. In the same area you will also find a small wading pool and a wonderful water play area for the smaller kids. This is a wonderful place for kids to splash and play while slipping and sliding down one of the two kid sized Water Slides. There are also water sprinklers to keep everyone wet and cool. For the adults, look for the hot tub nearby to relax and take in the beauty of the area while the kids are off playing. The second pool is smaller and in a quieter setting surrounded by trees near the cabin area. There are lifeguards on duty but the times that they are at the pool changes throughout the year. Make sure you check with the Resort to see when they will be on duty. You will also be able to enjoy a number of different water sports like kayaking, canoeing, taking out a pontoon boat or a sail boat. There is so much water fun to be had in the rustic setting that Disney has provided at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

Swimming Pool Disney Fort Wilderness Resort Orlando

You Should Know

    1. Indoor Pool:
    2. 0
    3. Outdoor Pool:
    4. 2
    5. Heated Pool:
    6. Yes
    7. Lazy River:
    8. No
    9. Water Slide:
    10. 2
    11. Hot Tub:
    12. 1
    13. Zero Entry:
    14. Yes
    15. Kiddie Area:
    16. Yes
    17. Watersports:
    18. Yes
  • Number of Pools
  • 2 Main Pools at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort

    1. Fort Wilderness Meadow Swimming Pool
    2. 1 Corkscrew Twisting Water Slide

      1 Large Pool

    3. Wading Pool
    4. Designed for the smaller kids

      Near the main Meadow Pool

    5. Kiddie Area Pool
    6. Zero-Entry

      Fountain Sprinklers

      2 Kid Sized Slides

    7. Fort Wilderness Pool
    8. 1 Smaller Quiet Pool near the Cabins

  • Number of Slides
    1. 1 Main Large Corkscrew Type Water Slide – Meadow Pool

      2 Kiddie Slides – Meadow Pool

  • Number of Hot Tubs
    1. 1

  • Disney Fort Wilderness Pool Hours
    1. The Meadow and Wilderness Pools are open from 7 AM to Midnight Daily

      Lifeguard is on duty but hours change depending on the time of year – Please check with the Lodge to find out exact times they are available

  • Watersports
    1. Canoes

      Sea Rays

      Pontoon Boats


      Sail Boats

      Pedal Boats

Disney Fort Wilderness Swimming Pool Information

Take the family to the 2 very different pool areas at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort. If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, you might want to check out the Wilderness Pool set in the woods near the cabins. If the kids are looking for some fun, you will definitely want to take them to the Meadows Pool area where they will find a very large pool with a large twisting water slide that you will have a hard time pulling them away from. You might even find that it looks so fun that you decide to join in and go down the slide yourself. Be prepared to go over and over if you try it because it is so much fun. For the younger ones in the family, there is a water play area designed just for them. This kiddie area is shallow with Zero-Entry and 2 kiddie water slides. There are also water sprinklers running at all times to keep everyone wet and cool. Although you may have come to Orlando to enjoy the Theme Parks, you will want to make enough time for the kids to enjoy the pools at the Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort.