Video Overview of the All-Star Sports Resort

There is really no better way to get a feel of a location than to spend time virtually walking around in the Disney All Star Sports Video. Entering the All-Star Sports Resort grounds you are unquestionably aware of your Sports surroundings. The All-Star Sports entrance to Stadium Hall presents you with all of the main check-in points as well as a nice Disney Shop to look at the latest memorabilia that Disney has come up with. The bright colors and Disney Characters throughout the property make you feel special and with the savings, you get by staying at this resort, it just might allow you to do some other fun things in the area that you have not considered. The kids will enter a state of full excitement as they walk out of the back doors of Stadium Hall to see the Surfboard Bay Pool area with gigantic Surfboards lining the edges. The All-Star Sports Rooms might not be huge but they are comfortable and enough space to get a good night sleep. Take a look at the video tour to see all of the different Fun things there are to do at the Disney All-Star Sports Resort.

Video of Disney All Star Sports Resort

Tour of All Star Sports Resort Video

Take a Full Tour of the Disney All Star Sports Resort and Pool Areas

Disney's All Star Sports

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