Minnie Vans™ in Disney World by Lyft

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Why would anyone need to use another mode of transportation when staying at a Disney World Resort? That was precisely the question I asked when Disney decided to roll out their Minnie Van™ service, but let me tell you, it can add so much to your time at Disney. Let’s break this down and see if it is really worth getting.

How it works

  1. Open your Lyft App while you are in Disney World Setup your account here!
  2. Confirm the location you will be picked up
  3. Select “Minnie Van” – If you do not see the Minnie Van™ immediately, you can swipe through the vehicles until you see it in the list
  4. Watch your Disney Minnie Van™ on a map heading in your direction to pick you up
  5. A number is shown on the Minnie Van™ so you know you are getting in the right vehicle

The Good

Okay, so let’s take a look at the positives behind using the Disney Minnie Van™ Service by Lyft.

  • Convenience: If you are limited on time at Disney World and you need to get from one park to another as fast as possible, contacting Lyft and getting picked up in one of the adorable Minnie Vans™ is a true time-saver.
  • Speed: You might be thinking, why would I do this when the transportation provided by Disney is so great anyway? Maybe you got held up on a ride and you have only 30 minutes to get to your dining reservations at the Grand Floridian. Any time that “time” becomes an issue, it is a better chance you will get there faster if you take a Minnie Van™ using the Lyft App.
  • Services: Not only can you get to all of the Disney Resorts using the Disney Minnie Van™ Service by Lyft, they will also take you to Disney Springs. Did you know that you can use the Minnie Van™ to get you to and from the Orlando International Airport?
  • Privacy: Having your own Minnie Van&Trade; using Lyft services allows you to move from place to place in a private setting. You are not crammed on a bus with 50 other Disney Guests fighting for a place to sit.
  • So Cute: Yes, this is one of the main reasons the kids want to get in one of the Disney Minnie Vans™, purely because they are so cute. You will feel that way as well when the red and white polka-dot van pulls up and takes you to your next destination.

The Bad, or not so Good

  • Cost: The Disney Minnie Van™ service by Lyft is NOT free. Once you open your Lyft app, you can see the cost of the trip before accepting as your final option.

Hours of Operation

The Disney Minnie Van™ service is available in the Lyft app from 6:30 AM until 12:30 AM each day

These hours are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the Lyft App for latest times.

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