Skyliner Transportation at Disney World

The Disney World Skyliner transportation is such a fun way to get around to the different Disney Resorts and also Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot. At this time, in the first phase, the Disney Skyliner connects Epcot and Hollywood Studios to the Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney Pop Century Resort, and the Disney Art of Animation Resort. Disney also has plans to expand this network of Aerial Gondolas to Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Disney Skyliner Boarding Station Locations

Map of the Disney Skyliner

If this gets confusing, take a look at the Disney Skyliner Map provided by Disney World to help you get a better understanding of the layout

Do I have to get off the Skyliner at each station?

Yes, you have to get off at each of the Skyliner stations. For example, let’s say you want to go to Hollywood Studios from Disney Pop Century Resort. You will get on the Skyliner from the Station located on the bridge between Pop Century, and Art of Animation Resort and take this to the Caribbean Beach Resort Station. At this point you will exit the Gondola and get in the Skyliner line to Hollywood Studios. At each station, you must get out of your Gondola, this is not a continuous ride.

Disney Skyliner Schedule

The Disney Skyliner runs from 6:45 AM until 10:30 PM. This time may be updated during different seasons of the year so be sure to check your Disney MyExperience App or the Front Desk of the Resort you are staying in for the latest Disney Skyliner times.

How many guests can fit in the Skyliner Gondola

Each Gondola has a comfortable wooden bench on each side and can accommodate up to 10 people.

Are the Gondola’s Handicap accessible

Yes, scooters and wheelchairs are allowed on the Disney Skyliner

Not only is the Disney Skyliner designed for Scooters and Wheelchairs, but Disney has also made the system so that it does not slow down the ever-moving traffic of the other hanging Gondolas. Disney has done this by making a separate pickup and dropoff line for those guests who need some extra time and attention when riding on the Skyliner.

Is the Disney Skyliner climate controlled?

No, there is not any air conditioning in the hanging Gondolas

Each hanging Gondola has multiple airway flaps that open and close to help control the temperature inside. The glass is designed to reflect the heat and will help as well. Many guests have shown concern over this fact if the ride were to breakdown but the engineers at Disney have assured guests that they will be safe and comfortable while taking the Skyliner to their destination.

How old do you have to be to ride the Disney Skyliner

Guests have to be 14 years or older to ride the Disney Skyliner alone.

Ride times:

Remember, you have to get off at each station to ride to the next point so let’s look at how long it might take in a real world scenario. If you want to go from Hollywood Studios to Epcot, you will need to get off at the Caribbean Beach Resort (5 – 6 minutes), get back on to the Skyliner to the Riviera Resort (about 5 minutes) and then head over to Epcot (about 10 minutes). Take in to account at least a few minutes to disemark each Gondola and get on the new line and it might take 25 – 30 minutes to get to your destination.

I think taking the Disney Skyliner is so fun and feels more like a ride than a mode of transportation. Even if it does take a little longer, it is a great experience for the family to enjoy together. And, think of the sights you will see that you could not see any other way.

How high are the Gondolas above the ground?

The Gondolas can reach a maximum height of about 60 feet above the ground. This gives you the best views of the parks and the resorts and you might see some things in Disney that you were never able to see from any other vantage point.

How fast does the Disney Skyliner move?

When picking up and dropping off guests, the Gondolas in the Disney Skyliner are constantly moving but very slow in each station. Once the gondolas leave the station, they are moving at a great speed of about 11 mph. This might not sound fast but it feels exciting as it picks up speed and slows down entering each Skyliner station.

Does the Disney Skyliner close for bad weather?

Yes, just like the water taxi system, the Disney Skyliner will close for bad weather or any threat of lightening. This is always a safety concern and Disney will always be vigilant to keep you safe on any of their modes of transportation and rides.

Are there Restrooms at the Disney Skyliner?

Restrooms are available at each of the Disney Skyliner stations but there are not any restrooms aboard the Gondolas.

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