Disney Saratoga Springs Resort Video

Watching the videos, a sense of the elegance of a New York tradition in time past, with horse racing and spa’s covering the central theme can be seen around the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. The main entrance is filled with lush trees, bushes and flowers that take you back in time as well as the view of an old-time carriage that would have been used back in the day to transport guests around the resort. The spectacular golf course that surrounds the resort is a wonderful thing to enjoy when taking a stroll or while taking a swing to enjoy a nice friendly game. Enter the Carriage House to check-in to your quarters with a large iron chandelier hanging above your head and wall lanterns on every wall. Off of the main building you have access to many of the dining and shopping amenities that the resort has to offer. There are also many sitting areas for you to get a group together and enjoy time with one another. You will notice High Rock Spring pool area is very large and inviting for everyone. Enjoy the Waterfalls as well as a 128-foot water slide built into a rock formation. There are a total of 5 pools with 5 water slides at the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort. Two (2) of the water slides are large twisting slides and the other 3 are in the Kiddie Park area designed for the younger crowd. There are a total of 3 quiet pools that will allow you to get away from the more crowded areas and relax, either by the pool or in one of the many whirlpools. The Saratoga Springs Resort is located across the lake from Disney Springs. There are a few dining options available at the resort but most of your dining will probably be done by hopping on the water taxi and dining at one of the wonderful areas in Disney Springs.

Disney Saratoga Springs Resort

Take a Full Tour of the Saratoga Springs Resort and Pool Areas

Walking Trail to Disney Springs

Take a Walk on this scenic trail around Saratoga Springs that leads to Disney Springs

Disney Saratoga Springs Resort

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