As you watch the different Disney All Star Music Video presentations, along with the information provided, you can get a good sense of what the Disney All Star Value Resort is like before even stepping foot on the property. If you have not been to a Disney Resort and you have nothing to compare it to, you will be amazed by the attention to detail that Disney has even in one of their Value Resorts. If, however, you have been to one of the Moderate or Deluxe Resorts, you will see that, although very nice, it is not as lavish as you get by upgrading to a much higher level. Keep in mind that staying on any Disney property, affords you all of the extra Disney Amenities, like Disney Transportation. With the savings that you will have by staying at the All-Star Music Resort, it allows you to spend more on other areas of your vacation.

All-Star Music Videos

Video Tour of All Star Music Resort

Take a Full Tour of the Disney All Star Resort and Pool Areas

Disney's All Star Music

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