DVC Bungalows at Disney Polynesian Resort

If you are looking for that “one of a kind” experience, the Disney Polynesian Bungalows could be quite the offering for you. The DVC houses perched on stilts above the Seven Seas Lagoon are officially known as the Bora Bora Bungalows. The Bungalows at the Polynesian Resort are unique stand-alone huts and are a staple in the South Pacific Island culture. What could be more distinctive than staying in your very own, private Bungalow, sitting on stilts out in the Seven Seas Lagoon? If sitting above the water is not what you would find apealing, there are also the Saratoga Springs Disney Treehouse Villas. Each of these Polynesian Bungalows have about 1,100 square feet of indoor living space. Add on the 300+ sq ft of wrap-around decking and you have a lot of room to enjoy during your visit to the islands.

Style, Class in a Disney Island Approach

The Bungalows at the Disney Polynesian Resort are not economical. These Bungalows stand out and are some of the most expensive accommodations to reserve in the Disney World Resort area. Still, if you are looking for a First-class visit and you need room to sleep up to 8 guests, the DVC Bungalows at the Disney Polynesian Resort could be a great option for you. Walking around the Polynesian Resort makes you feel as if you are in the Islands of Hawaii but there is nothing like walking past the beach area that surrounds the Seven Seas Lagoon and knowing that you will be staying in one of the 20 Bungalows resting on Stilts above the water. The only way to get to your Polynesian Bungalow is to walk along the raised wooden path that leads to all of the Bungalows on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Disney World Polynesian Bungalows

As you pass the Bungalows on the Water Taxi, it is difficult to get a feel for how large they are. You really start to understand the size of these units as you walk up to them on the wooden elevated path over the water. Entering the front door, you immediately see that you are in a Disney Resort like no other. Each window you look through, water is seen and it gives you a feeling that you are truly floating along in your own private home with the best Disney amenities surrounding you. To get a better idea of the Bungalows, let’s look at them, room by room.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom at DVC Bungalow at Disney Polynesian Resort 960

Enter the Bungalow and on your left, you will see the first door leads to the Master Bedroom. This is the only bedroom that has a connecting, private bath and a connecting door to the large outdoor deck. The Master Bedroom has a King Size Bed, nightstand, dresser with large Flat Screen TV and a Desk with a Chair.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom with granite top sink and tv in mirror at DVC Bungalow at Disney Polynesian Resort 960

The Master Bathroom is really impressive having a large wash area with 2 sinks placed in a granite countertop. Look closely at the mirror and you will see an embedded TV right in the mirror. Watch your favorite programs as you are getting ready for your day. A Jacuzzi Tub is at the backside of the room or you also have the option of washing off in the stand-up shower unit. Behind a louvered door is a hidden toilet which gives you a little more privacy from the rest of the bathroom space.

Second Bedroom

The 2nd bedroom has a single Queen size bed made with 3 surfboards as the headboard giving this bed the most island feel of them all. To add more bedding, you will also find a twin pull-down Murphy bed on the other wall opposite of the Queen bed. As you pull down the twin bed, you will see a beautiful mural painted in the background. Pay attention to the detail as it is quite beautiful and the kids love these little extras found within the Bungalows at the Polynesian Resort.

Main Bathroom

The Second Bathroom does not connect with the 2nd Bedroom because it is used for all of the other guests in the Bungalow. Because of this, it is more centrally located down the hall near the living area. Disney has done a great job of giving multiple spaces to get ready and with 8 people staying in one of these Island Houses, it is a good thing. The second bath is sectioned off in two main spaces. As you walk in, you will notice a door leading to the toilet and sink area and to the left you open into the tub/shower unit and another granite top sink. This makes it easier when trying to get started with your day.

Living Space

The main living area is the most generous in the Bungalows. This living area has an island feel with large tropical, Disney-style artwork on each of the walls. The main wall is filled with a big flat-screen TV. A queen size sleeper sofa takes up space on another wall and one of those unique twin Murphy beds is located directly under the TV. Two more chairs have been added to this space to give ample seating to the room.

Kitchen & Dining

Kitchen and Dining area at DVC Bungalow at Disney Polynesian Resort 960

Each Disney World Polynesian Bungalow comes equipped with a Full-Size Kitchen. It might not be huge but it does have exquisite granite counters and full-size appliances including a refrigerator, stove, oven and all of the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils you will need to prepare any meals you would like. Set between the kitchen and living room is a large oval table with seating for 8.

Outdoor Living Space

The Polynesian Bungalows are built over top of the Seven Seas Lagoon so it makes a lot of sense to have plenty of outside space to enjoy the water and watch the boats as they travel by. Included with each of these homes is about 300 square feet of decking devoted to each Bungalow. There are multiple access points to the outdoor area and the entire deck wraps around the side and back of the building. From the Master Bedroom, you get to walk out to a couple of comfortable, hanging chairs while walking out of the living space, you have a couple of Lounge chairs and even a Plunge Pool to keep cool. Unlike the "real" bungalows in Bora Bora, you cannot get in the water of the Seven Seas Lagoon from your deck.


Not only do you have laundry facilities at the Disney Polynesian Resort, you actually have a Washer and Dryer unit in each of the Disney Vacation Club Bungalows. The laundry section is located immediately to your left as you walk into the second Bathroom area. A convenient location for everyone to get everything clean during the vacation.

Booking a Bora Bora Bungalow

If you are not a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you are still able to book the Polynesian Village Bungalows through the Disney Website or by Calling Disney Sales. This might require a year or more advance notice but Disney says it can be done.

Disney Vacation Club at the Polynesian gives you great upgraded options for your stay. If the Bungalows are a little too expensive, you might also look at the Disney World Polynesian Resort Studio Villas.

Disney Polynesian Village Resort

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