Horseback Riding at the Fort Wilderness Tri-Circle-D Ranch

I bet you didn’t think you would be horseback riding when you came to Disney World, did you? As long as you are nine years or older, you can get on one of the beautiful horses at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch and head out on an adventure to never forget. Riding through the woodlands of the Fort Wilderness you will see many animals along the way.

Booking your Horseback Riding

You can reserve your horseback riding trip up to 180 in advance. Call 407.939.7529 to set up your reservation.

Additional Information

  • Horseback Riding is located at the entrance of the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground. There is another Tri-Circle-D Ranch location at the back of the campground but this is for pony rides and other wonderful events.
  • It is a good idea to book your reservations early as they do book quickly
  • Height Requirements: Over 48″ tall
  • Weight Requirements: Under 250 pounds
Disney Fort Wilderness Campground

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