Orbit One Vacation Villas by Diamond Resorts

It might not be the first location you think about when visiting Orlando but the Orbit One Vacation Villas Orlando could have just what you are looking for if you need some extra space to spread out. Be sure you understand going in that this is a Timeshare property owned by Diamond Resorts. They will probably ask you if you would like to take part in viewing the property but it is completely fine to just politely say, no. The 116 rooms are all, 2 bedroom and 2 bath Villas complete with full Kitchen and plenty of room to move around. The location is central to Walt Disney World and getting to the parks will only take a few minutes in all directions. The Orbit One Vacation Villas in Kissimmee is closest to the Animal Kingdom Disney Park.

Orbit One Vacation Villas

Each of the Orbit One Vacation Villas is like staying in a fully furnished apartment. You get the privacy of having 2 full bedrooms, 1 Master Bed, and a second room with 2 twin beds. The Sleeper Sofa in the Living room makes it very easy to sleep up to 6 guests in one of these Suites. Taking advantage of a full kitchen is a major plus when visiting Orlando. You will be spending enough at the parks, you might as well save a little by fixing breakfast in your own kitchen before heading out. If you need to wash any clothes while as you stay, each of the Villas has their very own Washer and Dryer.

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Orbit One Vacation Villas Reviews


You will find that many guests really like the location. It is so close to Disney World Resorts and is easy to get around. It is also mentioned that the staff is helpful when any problems come up. Some reviews talk about how large the Villas are and that the extra room makes it much easier to stay than in a normal hotel room. Parents mention all of the things for kids to do, from swimming in the pools to slipping down the water slides, tennis, basketball and a small arcade room.


Some of the negatives mentioned are the outdated rooms but the management has replied on TripAdvisor saying that they are still renovating. The Guests who did complain, talked about the timeshare pitch and how they say it will be 90 minutes but took at least twice as long to get through.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 81%
Average - 10%
Below Average - 9%

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* Rating Levels were created from TripAdvisor information at the time of adding this property. Please check the Orbit One Vacation Villas TripAdvisor Reviews to see if any changes to the ratings have changed before booking.

Resort Fees

There is a daily resort fee for staying at the Orbit One Vacation Villas in Orlando. The resort fee gives you access to all of the sports equipment, fitness center and also WiFi Internet for your stay.

Fun Things to Do

Even though the Orbit One Vacation Villas in Orlando is not a huge resort, it really has a lot of amenities for their guests. Get outside and enjoy some exercise while playing tennis on one of the two lighted courts in the complex. You will also find fun things to do like, Volleyball, Shuffleboard and even a small arcade room.

Transportation to the Disney Parks

The Orbit One Vacation Villas do not provide transportation to any of the local attractions or Disney Theme Parks. If you did not drive your own car, you can arrange a taxi or use Uber.

BeWare: TimeShare Location

I have never heard of anyone going through a Time Share presentation and it taking the 90 minutes they say it will take, have you? If you are asked to take a tour of the Orbit One Vacation Villas, it is okay to politely say “no”.


Pets are not allowed at the Orbit One Vacation Villas in Kissimmee Fl. Service Animals are not considered pets and are always welcome.

Spa Treatments

There is not a Spa at the Villas at Orbit One Vacations.


Surprising but true, you will not find any Restaurants at the Orbit One Vacation Villas Resort.

Business & Event Spaces

The Orbit One Vacation Villas in Orlando is not a real business locations spot and thus do not have any Business or Event Spaces.

Orbit One Vacation Villas

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