Volcano Bay Drop Slide – Ko’okiri Body Plunge

White knuckle excitement is ahead of you. Your knees start to quiver as you nervously make your way up the 125 feet of steps that lead to the Volcano Bay Drop Slide, Ko’okiri Body Plunge. Okay, so you already made it through the Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Drop Slides, but the Ko’okiri is a very different experience. Get ready for the next big thrill.

Ko’okiri Information:

Map Location of Ko'okiri Drop Slide at the Univeral Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Map Location of Ko’okiri
  • Thrill Level: Max
  • Express Pass: Yes
  • Riders: 1 at a time
  • Min Height: 48″
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs
  • Ride Photo: Not Available

Ko’okiri Drop Slide

Sign leading to the Kookiri Drop Slide t the Univeral Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Ko’okiri Entrance Sign

You have made it to the top of the Volcano, and have heard the screams of those who have gone before you. As you enter the chamber, the ride attendant closes the door and your heart is racing. Now, you wait. For what seems like an eternity, it is only a few brief seconds before the trap door drops out beneath you. Your journey begins down this straight, enclosed 125-foot drop along a 70 degree fall. The ride only takes a few seconds before splashing down and once you emerge victorious, a sense of accomplishment overwhelms you. Now, onto something a little less scary, like the Volcano Bay Lazy River Kopiko Wai where you can relax and take some time to regain your composure.

You did it!

Many people who take on the Ko’okiri body plunge drop water slide at Volcano Bay, do it because of pressure from others. Still, it gives you the bragging rights that you took on the scariest challenge in the park. If you are a true thrill seeker, this ride is for you. If this is the first ride you go to in the park, the Bragging Rights! Yes, that is why many will take the drop on the Kala & Tai Nui water slides at Volcano Bay Water Park. Still, there are those who really love the Kala and Tai Nui Drop Slides should be next on your list.

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