Volcano Bay Cabana

If you are interested in taking your day at the water park to the highest level available, a Volcano Bay Cabana should be on your list of items to get for your family. Cabanas at Volcano Bay come in many different configurations and can hold up to 16 guests. Getting a Cabana might cost more but the benefits are pretty great as well.

Why get a Cabana at Volcano Bay?

Looking at the front up to the 2nd level of a cabana at the Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Viewing the 2 level cabana from the beach area

Have you ever had anxiety over finding just the right spot when going to a water park? You get to the park early, there are a bunch of people in front of you, and everyone is racing around trying to grab up the best seats and locations first. It reminds you of shopping at Christmas! Well, getting a Volcano Bay Cabana takes all of this frustration out of the process. Once you rent your cabana by calling the Volcano Bay Booking number (877-801-9720), all you do is show up, head over to the Concierge area and you will be escorted directly to your “home” for the day. All of the guesswork is taken care of and you don’t even have to wander around looking aimlessly for the location you have just paid for.

What comes with a Volcano Bay Private Cabana?

Inside of a private cabana at Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Interior of the Private Cabana

Private Cabanas at Volcano Bay are similar in some ways to a cabana you might rent from a resort, but there are some differences as well. Having a “Home Base” to come to and rest on such a fun and exciting day is just amazing. While a lounger on the sand can be fine, the comforts and convenience of a Cabana are worth it to many guests. If you decided to rent one of the Private Cabana Huts, you can choose from a 1-Level or 2-Level type. Let’s take a closer look at what comes with your Private Cabana at Volcano Bay:

  • 1-Level Cabana: Up to 6 Guests
  • 2-Level Cabana: Up to 6 Guests per unit – Each 2 Level Cabana has a lower and upper section that are rented separately
  • Family Suite Cabana: Up to 16 Guests
  • Food: Welcome Basket of Fruit and Snacks provided as well as a Concierge Service to bring drinks and food throughout the day
  • Towels: 6 towels are provided with each Private Cabana.
  • Concierge: If anything is needed while you are in your Cabana, a flag is available at the front of the cabana. When raised, this lets the Cabana Workers know that you need something. They can replace towels and discard your existing towel(s). Get an order of food or beverages. The last call for Food and Beverages is 1-hour before the Volcano Bay Water Park closes.
  • Seating: Padded Lounge Bench and additional comfortable seating
  • Music: Music plays inside of the cabana and you are able to control the volume level you would like to listen
  • Storage: A refrigerator is provided to keep things cold and will come with bottled waters. Above the mini-fridge is a locker to store valuables. The locker comes with a key that can go on your wrist.

Tapu Tapu usage from your Cabana

Guest experience tablet in the Private Cabana at the Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Guest Experience Tablet in a Private Cabana

There is one more thing to mention, that might be the best, and most exciting reason for getting a Private Cabana at volcano Bay, the Guest Experience Tablet (GET). Each of these Private Cabanas comes equipped with its own private tablet to enhance your stay. Book your rides directly from your Cabana. No running around and tapping your Tapu Tapu band on the various rides around the park. This alone, might be worth getting a Cabana. On top of booking rides, you can also order food and beverages and have them delivered to your Cabana from this tablet. Note: When using the Tapu Tapu to reserve a ride, it only holds one ride at a time. You are unable to schedule another until you have completed your current ride.

How many Cabanas are there at Volcano Bay

There are a total of 51 Cabanas throughout the park. Some are single-level and others are 2-level. Each Private Cabana allows up to 6 guests per space. The one exception to this is the Family Cabana that can accommodate up to 16 guests. There are only two (2), Family Cabanas, in the park, and they are located near the Krakatau Volcano.

How do I rent a Cabana?

Book Early! This cannot be said enough. Volcano Bay water park can get pretty busy and the Cabanas do not stick around long. In fact, you will probably find out that if you wait until you enter the park to rent one, the sign will show that they have all been sold out. The best option when booking is to call the Volcano Bay Booking number (877-801-9720) and get your name on the list. Reading through our information on the Cabanas and looking at the map location of the different cabanas will help guide you in the direction of the one you would like to have. It is worth noting that you can request a specific cabana and location but it is not guaranteed that you will end up with the one you requested. So, call as soon as you know you will be going to the Volcano Bay water park and get your reservation put in. You will be glad you did.

Which Private Cabana is the right choice for me?

View of the single level cabana at the Volcano Bay Water Park 100%
Private Single Level Cabana

That is a really good question. Once you have looked at the map and determined the location you want to be in, the next question is, do you want a single level or a 2-level? The benefit of staying in a single is that you have a little more privacy than the two-level cabanas. Staying on the top of the 2-level cabana might give you some better views and it will definitely give you a little more square footage. However, if you are on the top floor, you will have stairs to climb and come down each time you enter or leave. The bottom of the 2-level cabana can be nice because you just walk out and you are on your way. All of the Private Cabanas are equipped the same, it is just a preference for you to choose. Did you know that some of the 2-level cabanas have elevators? It is true. Cabanas number 13 & 14 have elevators to get you to the 2nd floor. Also, if you are staying in a two-floor cabana, each of the cabanas is labeled with a letter, for example in Cabana #13, A & B make up the 2 bottom cabanas and C & D are on the top.

Cabana Locations

Universal Orlando Volcano Bay Water Park Map with Cabana Locations
Volcano Bay map with Cabana Locations

Looking at the map of Volcano Bay, we have added the locations of each Cabana in the water park. You can also print this out to keep with you if you would like with the included PDF. Here is also a breakdown of the type and location in the park in an easy to read list view:

Play in the Sand

Lounge Chairs in the sand in front of  Cabana at the Volcano Bay Water Park 1000
Lounge Chairs in the sand in front of Cabanas

Just because you are staying in one of the Cabanas does not mean you cannot have a seat in the sand areas. In front of, or near each of the Cabanas, you will find standard seating with beach chairs and loungers. You can throw your towels on a couple of these and camp out in the sand whenever you would like. Once in this area, you will be with others who have not paid for a cabana.

Are the Cabanas at Volcano Bay worth it?

Most guests who book one of the Volcano Bay Water Park Private Cabanas say that after you rent one, it would be really hard going back to a standard lounger in the sand. There are so many perks to having a Cabana that the cost is justified for many people. This is completely subjective though and will vary depending on the person’s experience.

How much does a Cabana cost at Volcano Bay?

Pricing on the Cabanas will vary depending on the time of year you visit Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park, but here are some prices to give you an idea. The lower level of the 2-story units will vary from $159.99 to $449.99 and the upper level could range from $199.99 to $549.99. Again, these prices can vary wildly based on the time you reserve.

Important Notice:

Prices were correct at the time this article was added to Water Park Hotels Orlando. For the latest pricing, please contact Volcano Bay reservations direct at (877-801-9720)

If you rent a Cabana for the day are your tickets to Volcano Bay Free?

No, the cost of the Cabana Rental is over and above the cost of your entry ticket.

Everything you needed to know about Cabanas at Volcano Bay

This should give you most of the information you need to make a decision on booking a Cabana at Volcano Bay Water Park. It can be a big expense but it could be worth it to have your own private space, concierge service, and the ability to reserve your rides without leaving your private cabana. Take a look and see if getting a private cabana is for you.

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