Some of these amazing resorts have added more space to their accommodations by offering up to 3 Bedroom Villas in Orlando. Having the additional space with a Master Bedroom and it’s very own private Master Bathroom makes for a very nice stay when you have a lot of people around and you really want some down time. In fact, having separate bedrooms for most of the people in the party makes it nice for everyone on the trip. It makes it very difficult when you have to share a single space and only have one or two bathrooms. This takes care of all of these problems and encourages a more healthy, fun environment during your trip.

What is so great about having a Villa with 3 Bedrooms in Orlando?

That is a good question and many people don’t really know the answer to it. The main reason to get a Villa instead of a Suite is if you are thinking about cooking during your family retreat. Yes, having a full Kitchen or Kitchenette is what sets apart a Villa and a Suite. Most of the Villas in Orlando also come with a fully equipped Kitchen complete with Cookware, Utensils and Dinnerware. All you have to do is show up with some ingredients and you are ready to prepare a masterful meal. Also, having 3 full bedrooms, gives you the option of bringing some extra people along to share in the Kitchen duties. Think of the money you can save by feeding the entire Clan of 10 or 12 people without having to dine out all of the time. This in itself can offset the cost of the larger room.

Water Fun at a 3 Bedroom Villa in Orlando

You are looking for a place to stay that has enough room to house a large group for your vacation but your kids are thinking about something quite different. They will be asking about all of the fun adventures you have planned and whether or not you are staying somewhere that has a nice Swimming Pool. Some of these resorts have so much more than just a pool. Take a look at the just how much fun you can have when you add in additional water features like a Lazy River or Water Slides, if you have little ones it is also nice to have Zero Entry, Kiddie Pools or even a nice Splash Zone. These properties will have something additional that make them stand out from your standard hotel and your family will be very excited with the choice you have made.

Selected Orlando Fl 3 Bedroom Villas having Water Fun