It is like a scene you would see in a movie. You walk out of the back glass doors from Cinema Hall and you see nothing bush lush palms surrounding an area of water fun. Red Umbrellas with nice white lawn chairs surround the Star Shaped Fantasia Pool with a stage in the background. The curtains are open and Mickey is standing high above the pool soaking all who enter with multiple streams of refreshing water. Off to the left side of the pool you see some young toddlers playing in their very own Kiddie Pool.

A list of Water Fun is available at the Pool Facts.

What a great time to grab your favorite novel and relax while the kids splash around for hours. If you find that this pool is a little crowded or loud for your taste, head over to the Hockey Rink pool. Just take a right and head through the 101 Dalmatians area, at the end you will see the next watering hole. It is a little smaller play area but it is off the beaten path so you should find it to be a quieter area to enjoy your relaxation.

Swimming Pools at All Star Music Resort

The kids might pull you in both directions because each pool has something great to offer. The styling of each location are special and your whole family will have a great time cooling off in the water at each of these fantastic pools. The largest pool at the All Star Movies Resort is the Fantasia Pool. In fact it is almost twice the size as the other pool at this location. It is however the loudest as well because of the size and the central location at the property.

The other smaller pool is still a lot of fun and will be more shielded from all of the commotion at the front of the resort. There is one Toddler Pool located beside the Fantasia Pool. It is small and very shallow but it is nice because it does have seating for the parents to enjoy while they are off splashing around. The pools at All Star Movies do not have Zero-Entry and there are not any Water Slides or Lazy Rivers at this resort.