Things to do at Disney All-Star Movies

Disney World is one of the most “FUN” places to visit in the world. After a few days of running non-stop, it might be worth taking a day and staying around the Disney All-Star Movies Resort to settle things down a bit. The kids might not want to slow down so make sure you are aware of all of the All-Star Movies Resort Recreation available. The All Star Movies Pools will be the most fun for everyone with the large Family Pool in Fantasia or the smaller, more quiet pool at Mighty Ducks. Venture in to Cinema Hall and go to the Arcade for a bit when you need a break from the Florida heat, or just take a walk around the many different themed areas at the resort.

Fun stuff at All-Star Movies

Disney All Star Movies Resort Entrance and Bus Terminal 600
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View of Mickey Overlooking the Fantasia Pool at the Disney All Star Movies Resort 600
Family water fun times at the Largest Fantasia Pool with Mickey spraying streams of water the Hockey Rink Pool at All Star Movies Disney Value Resort Pool or Kiddie Pool
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Inside the Reel Fun Arcade at All-Star Movies Resort 600

Arcade & Game Room

Florida can get really hot. On days where you need to get out of the sun, visit the Cinema Hall and get your game on at the indoor, climate-controlled, Reel Fun Arcade. Great electronic games of years past and present to enjoy as a family.

101 Dalmatians Courtyard at the All-Star Movies Resort 600

Jogging Trail

A jogging trail runs along the backside of the All-Star Movies Resort and since the other All-Star Resorts are connected you can continue on through all of them if you would like.

The Reel Spot Outdoor Movies at the All-Star Movies Resort

Movies Under the Stars

The All-Star Movies Resort has a very Unique Area themed just for Movies under the start. It looks like an old movie reel on its side and it is a pavilion for the family to enjoy weekly movies at the resort.

Playground at the All Star Movies Resort 600


Located between Fantasia and the Toy Story Section, a large playground can be found for the kids to play on. There are 2 different areas, one for toddlers and the other for slightly older kids.

Disney's All Star Movies

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