Let’s get something to eat! When you visit this value resort, you can rest assured that you will find something good to eat at a fairly reasonable price at the Art of Animation Food Court. All of the Disney Value Resorts have a cafeteria style dining system where you will stand in a line and order your food, kind of like what you have when you visit the mall. The Landscape of Flavors Food Court is where you will go when you are hungry and they serve a wide variety of items to meet the needs of all of the people in your family. Don’t expect to find any fine dining restaurants at this resort. You will not find anyone coming to your table and taking orders but that can be a better experience, especially if you are trying to save some extra cash along the way.

Enjoy a meal or a snack at anytime during the day

Well, almost anytime during the day anyway. The Landscape of Flavors Food Court is open from 6 AM until 12 midnight which means you are able to get your fill of different foods throughout the day. You will probably spend a good part of your day off of the property anyway, running around all of the amazing Disney attractions and parks so it could be a good plan to get up early and grab a nice big breakfast at the dining facility before you are on your way. With the Food Court inside of Animation Hall, it makes it very convenient to just walk out the front door when you are done and right on to the Disney Transportation system. The Art of Animation Food Court serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all day and this is why there is great variety of foods to choose from. There are a total of 606 seats in the dining area and this might sound very large but when you compare that to the 1,984 rooms available each with 4 – 6 guests, you might want to plan your time wisely when dining. If you head off to the dining hall during peak times, you might end up spending more time than you would like standing in line. Scope it out and you will see that there are some off times during the day that can save you some valuable time while getting your food at this Disney Value Resort.

Enjoy your favorite Adult Beverage at The Drop Off Pool Bar

Close to The Big Blue Pool you will find a nice little adult watering hole. The Drop Off Pool Bar is a great place to sit back and relax sipping your favorite drink or take it to a lounge by the pool and keep an eye on those kids. Either way, it is a refreshing way to spend your day by the Pool.