Want to stay at Disney World but you are not sure if you can afford it? Try one of the Art of Animation Resort Rooms or many Suites to relax while staying in one of the Value properties that Disney has to offer its guests. There are a number of different Value locations but not all of them are equipped to offer guests more space with a Family Suite layout. That is precisely what you will find at the Art of Animation Resort. There are actually more Suites than there are Standard rooms at this resort. If you allow it, this trip can get exciting for everyone in the family before you even step foot on the property. With 4 different themed areas, half the fun is deciding on just the right one to stay at. This is considered one of the Value Resorts so it will not come with all of the bells and whistles that you would get if you stayed at one of the more Deluxe Resorts, but that is what you are looking for anyway, right? The rooms might not be extravagant at the Value Properties but it is run by Disney so you know that they will be clean and that you will have good service during your stay. If you do decide to stay at this location, you can be assured that you will save some money along the way. Go ahead and take that money and splurge on something fun while you are in Orlando.

Types of Rooms and Themed Area’s

You might be staying at a Value Disney Property but as you walk through the different courtyard areas, your family will be amazed by all of the detail Disney has placed on the grounds and buildings. If you are looking for additional room to stretch out, the Art of Animation might be just the right location while keeping the prices lower than some of the other resorts. In fact, there are more Family Suites at this Disney Property than there are standard rooms. Of course, if you are really looking to save money, a smaller room might be just what you are looking for. You will, more than likely, spend most of your time away from the Disney Property while having days of endless fun at the amazing Theme Parks in the area so why spend so much on your room anyway.

Take in the fact that there are 4 separate major themed locations at the Art of Animation Resort in Disney World. Most of the Value resorts were designed having 2 buildings for each area but this location is a little different. There are 2 buildings that surround the Finding Nemoand The Lion King areas but there are a total of 3 buildings each that encompass The Little Mermaid and Cars locations. As you walk out of the back of Animation Hall the first thing you (and more importantly your kids) see is the monstrous Big Blue Pool. This is the largest swimming pool on the property and is right in the middle of the Finding Nemo area. On one side you will see Crush, the giant surfer dude sea turtle guarding an entrance and on the other you will see the large Manta Ray. There is also a Water Spray and Fountain play area for the little ones to enjoy as well as a Dry Playground at the back. Take a right and you will enter the land of Cars. Even if you are not staying at this part of the Resort, it is worth the walk to check it out. All of your kids favorite Cars will be there including Mater and Lightning McQueen. Another pool is located in this section and it might be smaller but it will also lend itself to a more quiet surrounding as well. Taking a left from Animation Hall will take you right into the jungle with The Lion King. The beauty of the courtyards will be a great place to relax and just let your children run around and play. The furthest section away from the main entrance is The Little Mermaid. Although it is a good ways from the front that can be a big benefit if you are looking to get away from all of the action. You will also find the Flippin’ Fins Pool at the part of the property.

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Themed Buildings and Accommodations

View of Crush the Giant Sea Turtle at Art of Animation Resort
Finding Nemo
Crush, Giant Sea Ray, Ocean
Lightning McQueen, TowMater, Favorite Car Characters
The Lion King
Mufasa, Timon, Pumbaa and Simba
The Little Mermaid
Ariel, King Triton and Sebastian