Well, you are staying at a resort that is centered around music by the way. Wouldn’t you expect that the Disney All Star Music Pool would be centered around something musical as well? Disney does such a great job with attention to detail and even though you are staying at a Value Resort when you are at any of their resorts, they want to give you the best possible experience for your money. As you look around this resort, it would nearly impossible to not see that you are staying in a musically inspired resort property.

Swimming Pools at All Star Music Resort

There are 2 large pools at the All Star Music Resort in Orlando Florida. The largest is the Guitar Shaped Pool set in the Calypso Themed area of this resort. This pool is huge with plenty of seating and even a bar to enjoy by the water while the kids are off playing. In the middle of the Pool there is a grand stand area that hosts the 3 caballeros that continue to spray water on everyone that gets near throughout the day. This pool does not have a Water Slide but is still a lot of fun for the entire family. If you have little ones hanging out with you and you really don’t want to put them in this large of a pool, there is a kiddie size pool built in to the top stock portion of the Guitar Pool It is large enough for many toddlers and watchful parents to enjoy but there is not a zero-enty area to this pool or any of the others at this resort. The other main pool is shaped like a Grand Piano and is located just past the Jazz Inn and is surrounded by the back 4 themed Accommodations at the All Star Music Resort. This pool is generally a little quieter because it is smaller and not as close to the main building where all of the food is located.

Swimming Pool Disney All Star Music Resort in Orlando Florida

  • Number of Pools
  • 2 Large Swimming Pools

    1. Guitar Pool
    2. Largest Pool at the Resort

      In the Calypso Themed Accommodations area

      Pool is heated when needed

      Towels are not provided at the Pool

      Recreational Activities Held Each Day by Disney Staff

      Lifeguards on Duty to watch the Pool areas

    3. Grand Piano Pool behind the Jazz Inn
    4. Quieter Pool but not as large as the Guitar Pool

      Plenty of Seating

    5. Kiddie Pool at the Guitar Pool location
    6. Makes up the Head Stock of the Guitar

      Worry free environment for the little ones

      Seating for the parents to watch over the kids while they play

    7. Number of Slides
    8. There are NOT any Water Slides at the All Star Music Resort

    9. Number of Hot Tubs
    10. There are NOT any Hot Tubs or Whirlpools at the All Star Music Resort

    11. Kiddie Play Area
    12. Small Wading Pool by the Guitar Pool

    13. Cabanas
    14. Cabanas are NOT available at this resort

    15. Disney All Star Music Pool Hours
    16. Guitar Pool Hours – Daily | 8 AM to Midnight

      Grand Piano Pool Hours – Daily | 8 AM to Midnight

    17. Water Sports
    18. There are NOT any Water Sport Activities available at this resort

    19. Fishing
    20. There is NOT any where to fish at this resort location

All Star Music Resort Swimming Pool Information

The pools at this resort are large and inviting. Be aware that the Value Resorts are designed for families on a budget and most of them are pretty packed through out the year. The All Star Music Resort also tends to lend itself to brining in school bands and cheerleading groups which can add to the congestion at the pools at times. If you are staying on a budget, this location will have everything you need for a nice stay. If you are looking for something a little more quiet with additional amenities or water fun, you might look at upgrading to one of the Deluxe Resorts.