Each of the Disney Deluxe Resorts offer something unique during the Holiday Season that makes them stand out among the rest of the Disney Properties. So what is it about the Disney Wilderness Lodge Christmas Decorations that you will not forget? There are, in fact, a few things that will bond to your memory after you visit this Rustic favorite at Disney World.

Massive Decorations and an Impressive Tree

View of a huge canoe ornament on the Christmas tree in the Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World

As you pull under the Carport Entrance, the first thing you will notice is the Giant Wreath wrapped around the Tribal Medallion. At night, these decorations are lit for you to enjoy the warmth of the season as you enter and leave the main building. Along the porch edges you will also see large garland attached that is also full of Christmas Seasonal Lights after dark. If you have ever been to the Wilderness Lodge Lobby before, you already know how large and impressive this room is. Now, think about this same rustic setting with the largest indoor Decorated Christmas Tree, erected right in the middle of the room. Would you believe that this tree stands nearly a full 60 feet tall? Even at that height, it still does not come close to touching the ceiling of this large hall. Other features you will see around the room are lighted garland hanging from the railings and plenty of Christmas Wreaths. At the back of the Lobby there is a bridge that spans a stream coming from a bubbling fountain that feeds the Water Fun features at the Resort. The Bridge is a beautiful addition to the room and is a great place to get that much needed Family Photo for the trip.

The Fireplace at Christmas

View of the massive Fireplace in the Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World at Christmas with Wreath

A Fireplace in Florida, that seems to be out of place, right? Not really. The fireplace adds to the Wilderness charm and appeal of the Wilderness Resort but during the Christmas Season, it adds that extra special feeling of roasting chestnuts on an open fire. You will normally see a number of guests sitting peacefully in the seating around the fire because it is such a comfortable place to be.

You will find that many people find that the Wilderness Resort in Disney World is the most comfortable, well decorated places in the area at Christmas time. There are many other resorts to consider but this is one you should keep on your list as one to check out next time you are in Orlando Fl during the Holiday season.

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Disney Wilderness Lodge at Christmas

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