If you are interested at a luxurious location centered around the charm of a New England style town by the water for the Holidays, there is no better place to view the nautical Disney Yacht Club Christmas Decorations. Everywhere you look, the design of this Resort is setup to bring back the age of sailing on a grand scale and at Christmas time, Disney ramps it up to the next level.

Enter the Grand Hallway

The size of the Disney Yacht Club and Beach Club Entrances are very similar but you will find a large 2 story (actually a little taller than that) Christmas Tree as one of the Yacht Club Decorations where you will not find a tree of this size at the Beach Club. On this special tree, you will find many items found at sea like large Sailboats, regular boats, blue and silver ornaments and plenty of lights to show off.

The most fun Christmas Exhibit at the Disney Yacht Club has to be the Train set and town. Kids will want to play with the trains as they go around the Disney town but they are designed to look at and not to touch. It is a pretty scene to watch as the Train chugs around the corners exploring all of the miniature Christmas Delights displayed for everyone’s enjoyment.

Garland and Wreaths

This main section of the building is only 2 stories tall but from the railings you will find large Garland adorned with many different colors and lights. There are also many wreaths to look at while wishing you had them to show off in your home. There is a lot to see and staying at the Yacht Club has advantages for visitors because the Disney Beach Club Christmas Decorations are right next door.

Check out the Yacht Club Christmas Decoration Video