Take a magical stroll back in time and re-visit the decades of times gone by. It sounds like it would be a great adventure for the adults to take but think of all the memories to be shared with your kids as you see massive iconic structures dating from the 1950’s up to the 1990’s. You will probably hear things from your kids like:

So what other things are exciting at the Pop Century Resort that will appeal to the younger ones. Well, each section is not only themed with the different toys and items that the adults grew up with but it is also a way to take a magical journey to the past when Disney films were just starting up. See some of the most amazing Disney Characters in larger than life form take shape all over this property. Some of the items and characters you will run across will tower above you at nearly 40 feet in height. I guarantee, this will not be forgotten and will make memories that truly do last a lifetime.

“You used to play with that? or Wow, that looks like something out of the dark ages. Or maybe even, that looks pretty cool, I wish we could have something like that now.

Swimming Pools at Pop Century Disney Value Resort

As you walk out of the main building, Classic Hall, the first thing your eyes come upon is the very large Flower Pool. This pool is located in the midst of the 1960’s themed area and is shaped like a flower. You will feel the peace and tranquility rush over you as you take a walk around this pool. Okay, probably not peace and tranquility, maybe splashing fun and excitement from the many families playing around this area.

If you are looking for a quiet place to hang out, this is probably not the location for you. That is okay though because there are 2 other pools located around the grounds for you to take in and enjoy. In the 1950’s section, take in the many different Bowling Pins surrounding you as well as take a dip in the long and narrow Bowling Pin Pool. This is a much better place to enjoy if you are interested in reading a little while the kids are off playing. The 3rd pool is located on the other far end of the resort in the 1980’s and 1990’s area. This pool is the farthest away from the entrance to the resort so it does take a little more time to get back and forth but since it is so far away, fewer people will venture to its location making this Computer Shaped Pool one of the quietest on the property.

There are NOT any Water Slides or Lazy River at this Value Resort but you will find a Kiddie Splash zone with gentle bubbling fountains near the main Flower Pool. For your kids enjoyment there is also another Kids Splash zone just outside of the 1960’s area behind the left side building. The Goofy Pop Jet Playground has multiple ground based water jets that spew water up in the air to give hours of water play time for the kids. Keeps them guessing which one will shoot next and also keeps them cool.

Swimming Pool Disney Pop Century Resort in Orlando Florida

  • Number of Pools
  • 3 Large Swimming Pools

    1. The Flower Pool
    2. The biggest Pool at Pop Century Resort

      Shaped like the head of a Flower

      In the 1960’s Themed Accommodations area

      Pool is heated when needed

      Towels are not provided at the Pool

      Recreational Activities Held Each Day by Disney Staff

      Lifeguards on Duty to watch the Pool areas

    3. Bowling Pin Pool
    4. Quieter Pool but smaller in size than the Flower Pool

      Shaped like a Bowling Pin

      Lounge in the more quiet setting for reading

      Located in the 1950’s Themed Accommodations area

    5. Computer Pool
    6. Smaller and more out of the way pool

      Plenty of Seating

      Located in the 1980’s and 1990’s Themed Accommodations area

    7. Kiddie Splash Area located near the Flower Pool
    8. Walk past the Flower Pool and it is located around the back

      Worry free environment for the little ones

      Small Gentle flowing fountains

      Plenty of places to sit back and watch the little one frolic about

    9. Goofy Pop Jet Playground Kids Splash Area Behind the 1960’s accommodations
    10. Take a left at the Flower pool and you will see this area on your way to the 1970’s

      Worry free environment for the little ones

      Surprise fountains shoot water to have hours of fun

      Great place to get a picture with Goofy and his surfboard

    Additional Water Fun and Poolside Information

    1. Number of Slides
    2. There are NOT any Water Slides at the Pop Century Resort

    3. Number of Hot Tubs
    4. There are NOT any Outdoor Hot Tubs or Whirlpools

    5. Kiddie Play Area
    6. Small Water Splashing Zone with Fountains by the Flower Pool

    7. Cabanas
    8. There are NOT any Cabanas at this resort

    9. Disney Pop Century Pool Hours
    10. The Flower Pool Hours – Daily | 7 AM to 11 PM

      The Bowling Pin Pool Hours – Daily | 7 AM to 11 PM

      The Computer Pool Hours – Daily | 7 AM to 11 PM

    11. Water Sports
    12. There are NOT any Water Sport Activities available at this resort

    13. Fishing
    14. There is NOTany where to fish at this resort location

Pop Century Resort Swimming Pool Information

Each one of the Swimming Pool at the Pop Century Resort are well worth visiting. Take in the sheer size of the Flower Pool because it is a very exciting place for the whole family to be but when you are ready to tone it all down a bit, make your way to the smaller Bowling Ping and Computer shaped pools. If you are looking for something a little more quiet with additional amenities or water fun, you might look at upgrading to one of the Deluxe Resorts.