Don’t ignore the fact that a Pop Century Resort Video can show you many of the areas on the property and virtually take you away from the seat you are sitting in right now. Not only can it transport you to the resort but it can also help to answer many unanswered questions that you might have before taking your exciting trip to the land of Disney World. Taking your first turn into the property, you know that Disney has something in special in store for you. As you drive up a little ways, you will come across a small guard shack with a Disney Staff member to verify your information and let you into the magical world of Pop Century.

Entering Classic Hall

The first building you will see when you pull up to the resort is the Classic Hall. This is where you will want to familiarize yourself with because you will use this building to Check in as well as Dine some during the week. When you enter the doors for the first time you will be directed to the large Check-in counter in front of you. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might have a little wait before you are taken care of at the counter but be assured that you are important to the Disney Staff and they are working hard to get you taken care of. The largest area in this building is the large Food Court, Everything POP Shopping & Dining. When you are feeling like you would like to get something to eat or maybe just to get a snack, this is the place to be at this Disney Value Resort. You will also find a nice little shopping area to pick up some Disney Memories in as well as a nice Arcade that has new and old games that will fit all of the family.

Three Beautiful Pools and Kiddie Splash Zone

This is pretty much all that the kids are interested in. “Mom, what are the pools like?” After you get your room assignment, just walk through the large doors in the back of Classic Hall and let the excitement begin. The bright colors and the sounds of kids splashing in the water will get the young ones in the family all riled up and ready to go. The largest water play area in the resort is just in front of you in the 1960’s era. The Flower Pool is huge with plenty of lounge chairs and seating around but there is also a small Water Splash zone behind this pool for the little ones to play in. There are small, gentle fountains that continually make for a fun play day. There are 2 additional pools off of each wing of the property. To the right you will enter the 1950’s and see a very unique Bowling Pin pool. Take off to the left and you will end up in the 1980’s and 1990’s where a Computer Pool is waiting. The additional 2 pools are smaller than the Flower Swimming Pool but they are set in a more quiet area for easier relaxation if that is what you are looking for. To find out more, take some time to look over additional information on the Pop Century Pool.

This resort is broken up into 4 main sections and showcase a total of 5 decades reaching from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. As an adult, you will find yourself going back in time and seeing all of the different Disney Animated characters from that era but you will also be presented with larger than life replica’s of the favorite toys you will know so well as you walk through. The kids will be astounded by overwhelming size of everything around you and it will give you a great opportunity to share with them all of the different things you grew up with. There are a total of 2,880 standard rooms at this property and there are not any Suites. To view all of the accommodation information, take a look at the Pop Century Resort Rooms.

Video of Disney Pop Century Resort

Video Tour of the Disney Pop Century Resort and Pool Areas


Art of Animation Flower Pool Video