Stormalong Bay Waterpark

Get ready for the Best Waterpark fun you will find at a Disney World Resort. Stormalong Bay is included in your stay at either the Disney Beach Club or Disney Yacht Club Resort and is a full 3-acre water fun park designed to give you everything your family needs to keep cool during your vacation. In the main pool area at Stormalong Bay, you will find 3 lagoons, one of the unique pools even has a sandy bottom. Trust me, your kids will have a blast as they make their way to the 230-foot Shipwreck water slide designed to bring out the kid in everyone. You will also enjoy the circular lazy river that connects all of the pools together.

Water Park Information at the Beach Club:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm – (Times change throughout the year)
  • Outdoor Pool: Stormalong Bay 3 Pools and 3 more Quiet Pools around the Beach and Yacht Club
  • Indoor Pool: no Indoor Heated Pool at the Disney Beach Club
  • Large Water Slide: One (1) water slide that is 230-feet long starting at the Pirate Ship on the Beach
  • Kids Water Slide: One (1) Kids sized water slide located at the Shipwreck pool on the beach
  • Lazy River: A Lazy River winds through the entire water park connecting all of the pools
  • Kids Splash Park: There is not a kids splash park at the Disney Beach Club but the sand bottom pool and the shipwreck pool are great locations for the smaller kids.
  • Zero-entry: Zero-entry is available at the main pool
  • Hot Tub: Adults will take pleasure in any of the three (3) large Hot Tubs located at the Stormalong Bay Park and each of the 3 more quiet pools located around the Disney Beach and Yacht Club Resorts
  • Towels: Towels are provided at Stormalong Bay Water Park and at the Quiet Pools
  • Cabanas: Cabanas are available for an additional fee at the Stormalong Bay.
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Disney Grand Floridian for the updated hours to the pools and any events.
  • Who: The Pool are for all Guests at the Disney Beach Club and Disney Yacht Club Resort only. Guests are checked at the gate.
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty at the Stormalong Bay to keep an eye on the guests in the pools, water slide and the lazy river.

Beach Club Pools & Water Park

Stormalong Bay

Stormalong Bay water park at the Disney Beach Club is the largest pool complex at any of the Disney World Resorts and is a wonderful attraction for all members of your family. This 3-acre area is located in the back, between the Disney Beach Club and Disney Yacht Club Resort and overlooks the Beach up against the Cresent Lake. The views are spectacular and the fun never-ending. A gently sloped entrance makes it easy for the kids to get in and out of the pool and the sand-bottom pool with large areas of dry sand to play in is a unique section that you do not see at other pools. Seating is plentiful and comfortable with Cabanas available if you would like to really be pampered. Many guests stay at the Beach Club just to have access to this water wonderland.

  • Zero-Entry
  • Cabana Rental
  • Pool Bar & Grill
  • Water Slide
  • Lazy River
  • White Sand Beach

Water Slide

Wow, what a water slide at the Stormalon Bay water park! Starting at the Pirate Shipwreck on the beach, this 230-foot water slide is the largest you will find at any of the Disney World Resorts. Climbing the mast of the mighty ship and standing on the perch while getting ready to get into the enclosed section that carries you to the main pool is more fun than you can ever imagine. The whole family will love this water slide.

  • Largest water slide in a Disney World Resort
  • 230-foot in length
  • Enclosed and flume sections
  • Splashdown in the main pool
  • Pirate ship theme

Lazy River

The Lazy River at the Stormalong Bay is not your typical, get in and float around a circle. The lazy river is more like a connection between the 3 pools that make up the complex and swiftly move you along from place to place. What fun for everyone!

Hot Tubs

Two (2) large hot tubs are raised slightly above the ground level of the pools and tucked away in a more private location while another is found right in the middle of the pools at the Stormalong Bay water park for the adults to sit back and relax while the kids are off playing. You will also find smaller hot tubs at each of the 3 quiet pools located around the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts

Quiet Pools

Staying at the Disney Beach Club and sharing recreation, amenities and dining with the Disney Yacht Club Resort is exciting. The Stormalong Bay water park is exciting but you might want to get a way to a more quiet setting. This is where the Quiet Pools are nice. Between the Beach & Yacht Club Resorts you get to take your pick of three (3) quiet pools tucked away in more secluded areas in the Resorts. Much more low key because there are no water slides, lazy river and fewer kids running around. So, sit back and relax by one of the Quiet Pools at the Disney Beach Club.

White Sand Beach

Of course there is a Beach at the Disney Beach Club Resort! The beach is pristine and runs along the shores of the shimmering Crescent Lake. Watching the boats go back and forth from the Boardwalk Inn, Epcot and Hollywood Studios is just some of the fun you will have sitting in the lounge chairs on the beach. The kids love the sand and you will get to relax while soaking up some of the Florida sun.

Bayside Marina

Take a boat on the Crescent Lake from the Bayside Marina. A Pontoon is great for a family outing but the SeaRay Raycers are a lot of fun. Head down to the pier and a Disney Cast Member will get you all signed up and on your way to water fun.

Floatation Devices

Life Vests and Floats for the Stormalong Bay water park at the Disney Beach and Yacht Club Resort 960

Life vests and floats are provided for the kids to stay safe and for the adults to float around on the Lazy River.


Towel return at the Stormalong Bay water park at the Disney Beach and Yacht Club Resort 960

Towels are provided at the Pools and Stormalong Bay

Frequently Asked Questions: Disney Beach Club Resort Water Slides and Pool

Are the pools heated at the Beach Club Resort?

Yes, all of the quiet pools and the three pools at the Stormalong Bay are heated.

Are life vests available?

Yes, floatation devices and tubes are provided at the Stormalong Bay water park

Is there a water slide at the Stormalong Bay?

Yes, in fact, the 230-foot water slide that starts at the shipwreck on the beach is the longest slide at any of the Disney World Resorts.

Is there a kids pool?

Kind of... there is a smaller pool at the base of the shipwreck and the kids love the sandy bottom pool with sand areas to play in.

Are towels provided at the pools?

Towels are provided at the Stormalong Bay water park and all of the quiet pools.

Are there events at Stormalong Bay for the kids?

Yes, the Disney Cast members have a great time providing fun for your kids daily.

Does the Stormalong Bay have a Lazy River?

Yes but it is a little different from a standard Lazy River in that it connects all of the sections of the pools together.

Disney Beach Club

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