Christmas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

There is nothing that makes Christmas more special than being able to walk up to a life-sized Gingerbread House and order a slab of Gingerbread and Hot Chocolate and that is precisely what you will be able to do when it is Christmas at the Grand Floridian in Disney World. Elegance prevails, especially at Christmas time at the Grand Floridian. As soon as you walk up to the main entrance, the string lighting of old and perfectly lit animals make the path to guide you inside. Your jaw almost hits the floor the first time you see the magnificent size of the Christmas tree in the 5-story tall atrium and the kids will run to stand directly underneath. This is a great place to capture a memory with video or photos so be sure to have your camera ready.

Everything Christmas at the Grand Floridian

Trees and Victorian Christmas Decorations

One of the largest indoor Christmas trees you will find in Disney World is right in the center of the Disney Grand Floridian lobby. Nearly 40 feet tall, this grand Christmas tree is ornamented with numerous uncommon lights and ornaments to give it that early 1900's elegant style. The Christmas Tree has a more classic feel and does not have all of the childlike features you might find at other Disney Resorts. The Grand Floridian has a Victorian style all the way around so the decorations have to fit. At various times during the day, you have the honor of listening to some amazing Christmas and Festive music played from the band perched upon the 2nd floor of the Disney Grand Floridian. The first time you hear is, you wonder where all of the fantastic music is coming from, once you realize that it is "live" music, it is worth taking a closer listen. There are many other Trees on the main floor but you will also see them spread out on the other levels as well.

Floral Arrangements

During the season of Christmas, you will notice a wide arrangement of Floral designs that fit with the Christmas Holidays perfectly. Not only do they add more beauty to the resort, but it also adds a hint of various floral scents in the air to make the whole experience more appealing.

What a Gingerbread House!

One of the great things to do at Christmas in Disney World is to see all of the incredible Gingerbread features created at each of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts. You don't have to stay at the Resort to go look at the decorations and I promise it will be worth your time. One of the most impressive structures you will see is the life-sized Gingerbread House on display in the main lobby of the Disney Grand Floridian. Seeing this house made of Gingerbread for the first time and finding out that everything is it made of is edible is completely mind-blowing. The detail to every flower, window, siding, and roof are all able to be eaten but don't try to take anything off of the house, head to the back side of the house, and you can actually purchase some Christmas Cookie delights along with your favorite hot beverage.

Fun Facts about the Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

  • 16 feet high by 17 feet wide
  • 1,000 board feet of trim
  • 60 sheets of plywood
  • 40 window panes
  • 80 square feet of retail space
  • 100 square feet of display
  • 10,000 pieces of gingerbread used

Ingredients Used

  • 700 lbs. of chocolate
  • 1,050 lbs. honey
  • 600 lbs. powdered sugar
  • 35 lbs. spices
  • 800 lbs. flour
  • 140 pints egg whites
  • 180 lbs. apricot glaze

Disney Grand Floridian

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