Carriage Rides at the Fort Wilderness Tri-Circle-D Ranch

You have taken advantage of the Kids Nite Out program, and now it is time to come up with something special for the evening. Going somewhere for a nice dinner is a given but what about that “something different” the “Wow factor” that you can’t get anywhere else? Consider scheduling a Horse-drawn carriage ride through the beauty of the trails at the Fort Wilderness Resort and share a night you will never forget.

Where does the Carriage Ride start?

First of all, the carriage ride is much different from the Horse-drawn Wagon Ride. The Wagon Ride is designed for large groups of people in a “hay ride” type of setting. The Carriage Ride is designed for up to 4 adults or 2 adults and three children and is pulled by a horse and driver. After you have completed your 25-minute ride, it is time to head off on your next adventure. Once your reservations are made you will meet at Crocket’s tavern at the Pioneer Hall, right across from the Tri-Circle-D Ranch. There is a fee for the Carriage Ride experience so check with the Disney Reservations at 407-939-7529 for the latest cost.

Additional Information

  • Call 407.939-7529 for additional information and Reservations
  • Age Requirements: Any Age
  • Height Requirements: Any Height
  • Weight Requirements: Any Weight
Disney Fort Wilderness Campground

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