Old Fashioned Wagon Rides at the Fort Wilderness Tri-Circle-D Ranch

It might be old-fashioned, but that is part of the charm in taking one of the Horse-drawn Wagon Rides at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground. Create a family memory, one for any age and something that can be shared. Unlike the Horseback Riding where you have to be at least 9 years old or the Pony Rides for riders up to 8 years old, the Wagon Ride is something everyone can experience no matter what your age. This is a favorite activity for the family to enjoy and many guests make this a tradition during their stay.

Where does the Wagon Ride start

Each day, weather permitting, at 6 pm and 8:30 pm, the Horse-drawn wagon will leave from the front of Pioneer Hall near the back side of the Fort Wilderness Campground, near the Tri-Circle-D Ranch. There is a cost for each rider age 3 and older. Children under three can go on the ride as well, but they are free. Large groups can book a private wagon tour for a fixed price. If you are ready for a fun adventure, contact 407-939-7529 to book a reservation. Monday through Thursday are first-come, but Friday through Sunday can be reserved.

Additional Information

  • Call 407.939-7529 for additional information Reservations
  • Age Requirements: Any Age
  • Height Requirements: Any Height
  • Weight Requirements: Any Weight
Disney Fort Wilderness Campground

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