Amenities at the Liki Tiki Village

Set in a Tropical Scene backdrop, taking on the Liki Tiki Village Amenities is a great way to start of the vacation. Any time you make a reservation it is good to understand the amenities the Resort provides, like what time is check-in? Is there a shuttle to take you to the parks? Can I bring my pet with me? All of these things are very important but also be sure to check out all of the Liki Tiki Village Recreation and fun things to do, including the Liki Tiki Village Pool with water slides.

Property Amenities

Entrance to the Liki Tiki Diamond Resort Orlando Fl 1000
Liki Tiki Village Facts includes full list of water park fun with kids splash park, water slide, amenities, recreation and dining options
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Located Just West of the main Disney Theme Parks, Travel east to be in the heart of the Disney Theme Park area, North to Universal Theme Parks
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Pet Friendly Dog on Sofa
Liki Tiki Village Resort Pet Policy, Pets are not allowed on in Vacation Condos, Service Animals are always welcome to this resort in Orlando Fl
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Octopus Pool Liki Tiki Resort Orlando Fl 1000
Watch the Video, Liki Tiki Village is full of Water Fun for all ages, Lake and Sandy Beach, Nice Playground, Water Park for Older and Younger in your group
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An ATM is located in the lobby of the Liki Tiki Village

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Check-in / Check-out

Check-in starts at 4:00 PM and Check-out is at 10 AM. If you are planning to arrive after 1:30 AM, please contact the front desk in advance to work out the details of your arrival and how to gain access to your room.

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Self-Parking is included in your stay

Liki Tiki Village

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