There are only a handful of Orlando Hotels and Resort that offer a Cabana at their Swimming Pool Location. The Loews Royal Pacific Resort Cabanas are as lovely as you will find and even though there are only a few of them near the main Lagoon Swimming Pool at Orlando Pacific Royal the ones that they do have are designed to pamper you in ways you will not get by just sitting by the pool. These unique little spaces of paradise are set back in an area where you will be surrounded by lush trees to make this a more private experience while you still have immediate access to the pool.

The Cabana’s have space to get out of the sun under a beautiful ribbed rooftop design with privacy curtains that can be opened or closed to give you as much or as little privacy as you would like to have throughout the day. There is seating inside to get away from the sun, but you also have a couple of very nice lounge chairs to lay out and catch a few rays if you would like. All in all, it costs a little more to rent one of these for the day, but most people feel that it is worth it. If you are a Club Member-Guest, be sure to let the reservations desk know before booking. Club members get a discount on Cabanas with the Club Member Benefits.

Cabanas at Royal Pacific Resort Orlando

What you can expect when you rent a Royal Pacific Cabana for the day

Cabana Amenities:

  • Large Interior Space with Roof for cover as well as Privacy Curtains
  • Ceiling Fan to keep you cool
  • Flat Panel TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Outlets for your electronic needs
  • Personal Server
  • 2 Lounge Chairs for 2 Guests
  • Large Comfortable Lounge Area inside the Cabana

Why fight for a seat around the Pool – Get a Luxury Cabana at Pacific Royal Orlando

Why not get your place around the pool and enjoy relaxing in the full comfort of your very own Cabana for the day while everyone around you wishes they had booked one. It is not that expensive, and it might be worth your time to check into getting a Cabana at least once during your stay. Call in and get one reserved early because there are only a few around the entire pool. They go quick so call 407-503-3235 to reserve yours today.

Loews Royal Pacific Resort

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