Whenever you stay at any resort, one of the main things you are interested in is the food that they offer on the property. Each of the Disney Value resorts have dining options but you should not expect to have an experience where you have wait staff coming to your table to take your order. If you are looking at saving money, that is not a bad thing. There are many different options available to you and your family when you visit the All Star Movies Food Court. Jump in line and visit any of different food counters to order just what you are looking for. There are so many different options that you should not have any problem finding something that each person in your family will enjoy. Since this is more of a cafeteria experience, it will also save you some money along the way. Money that can be better spent on delectable treats when you are out and about in the Disney Theme Parks.

Take a look at the Quick List of Dining Options available.

Don’t expect to get table service at any of the Disney Value Resorts but you can get some good Counter Service in the Casual setting of the Disney All Star Sports Resort Food Court. Depending on what you are looking for at a dining experience, this might be just the perfect setting for you. Head up to the counter and see a variety of foods to choose from and you don’t have to bicker about who wants what. Everyone can get anything they want and you can all sit down together and eat a good meal without all of the hassle. For others, this might not be the best way to dine. If that is the case, you might want to use the End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports for a good breakfast to start your day and make plans to eat somewhere else later in the day. Taking care of the first meal of the day before boarding the Disney Shuttle seems to just make sense.

Get a bite to eat at the Food Court

Any time of the day is a good time to grab something to eat at the World Premiere Food Court. If you will be spending most of your day off of the property, you will probably be dining at some of the nicer restaurants in Disney World or even Downtown Disney. Before you head off on your day, it might be a good idea to start off with Breakfast at the Food Court. This way you are already full and have the needed energy to continue on before hopping on the Disney Transportation right outside of the Cinema Hall. The World Premiere Food Court is open for business from 6:00am until 12:00am. This will give you plenty of time at any time of the day to get something delicious to eat. The Disney Staff behind the counter is happy to serve you with the items on the menu and they are going to give you your food with a smile. The Food Court serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all day and this is why there is great variety of foods to choose from. If you plan out your dining in advance , you can probably save a little cash as well. The seating area is very large with arrangements that make you feel like you are in the movies. This area is pretty large, holding around 500 guests at a time. When you take into account that there are 1,920 rooms that each hold up to 4 guests, they have a bunch of people who can come through at any given time. Best Advice: Get there early and get breakfast done and hop on your Complimentary Disney Transportation before everyone else gets started.

Get your favorite Drink by the Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar

Disney locations are geared for Families and that means that there are some additional area’s just for the adults. Extend you day and get a nice refreshing specialty drink by the Fantasia Pool at the Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar. If you have little ones with you, be sure you keep an eye on them.