It may be one of Disney’s Value Resorts but that does not mean that you loose any of the style and pizazz you would expect when staying at a Disney Resort. In fact, part of the fun is picking out which one of the themed Disney All Star Movie Resort Rooms you will be staying at during your vacation time. The rooms might not be extravagant at the Value Properties but it is run by Disney so you know that they will be clean and that you will have good service during your stay. One of great benefits of staying at the All Star Movies Resort is the money that you will save. This will allow you to use that money on other things to make great family memories during your trip.

Types of Rooms and Themed Area’s

All of the Value resorts are made to be special and provide a thrill with all of the unique items that make up the various themed locations. When you stay at the All Star Movies Resort, this is no exception. This might actually be one of the better themed Value resorts since all of the designs take on the characters that you and your kids will know from some of the great Disney movies. All of the rooms at the All Star Movies are the same in size and layout. The rooms are not very large and have about 260 Square Feet each, but one of the main reasons you are staying at this property is that you are trying to keep the cost down while you give your family a great Disney experience. That is precisely what you will get when you stay at this location. Keep in mind that you are, most likely, going to be spending most of your days in the parks and using the accommodations just to lay your head down at night.

Take a look at the Quick List of Room Options available.

5 Themed Areas to choose from

There are a total of 5 different Themed areas and each is broken up using 2 building each. Themed with massive structures, Disney makes sure that you know which area you are in the whole time. At check-in you walk through the Cinema Hall and as you leave this building through the rear exits, it will be impossible for you to miss the first Fantasia Themed section.

Mickey’s Fantasia

The largest pool in the resort is right in front of you with Mickey spraying water on multiple streams of water into the pool. The tall Mickey Sorcerer’s Hat is one of the focal point in the Fantasia section with Dancing Broomsticks that tower up to 35 feet in height. On the opposite side there are large Toy Soldiers guarding the residence halls with a huge Jack in the Box at the main entrance. Fantasia surrounds the main pool and might be a great place to stay if you want to be in the heart of the action, just know that this is also the loudest area in the resort because of all the families who hang out here. It is also the first place that you see as you leave the Cinema Hall so it gets the most traffic.

101 Dalmations Themed Section

If you take a right you will walk into the 101 Dalmatians area. The first thing you will notice are the 4 story yellow fire hydrants that are seen at the ends of the buildings. These cover the stairwells that are used to get to any of the 3 floors of rooms available. The Walkways are covered with large dog bones and you will be greeted by 3 story statues of Pongo and Perdita. The courtyard is open with many grassy areas to play in.

Mighty Ducks

Continue on through the 101 Dalmatians and you will see the second pool in this complex. Built as a large Ice Hockey Rink, this pool is right in the middle of the Mighty Ducks themed area. The large billed face masks show you the way to enter each building and the 35 foot Hockey sticks line the face of each building.

Toy Story

If you take a left out of Cinema Hall you will enter the world of Toy Story. The large 30 foot army men buckets make up the stairwells as Buzz Lightyear and Woody greet everyone that passes by. The courtyard is designed to look as if you have entered Andy’s room and you are amidst all of his toys. Army men are guarding from the roof tops and will make sure that you are safe and secure during your visit.

Herbie the Love Bug

The Love Bug Themed area is located just past Fantasia and is themed with Herbie himself in the middle of the Winners Circle. If you are looking for the most quiet location, you might want to stay at either The Love Bug or Toy Story. Both of these are further away from the Main building and do not have a pool area. It is a little further to walk in order to get to the food court but for a little peace and quiet, this might be worth the extra walking.