The Disney World Polynesian Villas at the Polynesian Village Resort offer additional space that you will not find in the standard rooms. Disney has expanded the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) properties by converting the Tahiti, Rapa Nui and Tokelau Longhouses in to these large Studio Villas. At around 450 square feet, at least for now, these are some of the largest Studio Rooms at any of the Disney Resorts. One of the biggest benefits to staying at one of the Disney Polynesian Villas is its ability to comfortably sleep up to 5 guests in this one room. Of course, having access to the Disney Polynesian Village Resort, arguably one of the most beautiful Resorts in Orlando Fl, is also a good reason to stay here by itself.

Natural Elements with a Disney Flare

Many dream of going to the Hawaiian Islands one day but never get the opportunity to visit. Disney has done a great job of bringing that same island feel to this resort. Staying at one of the Villas on the Polynesian Village helps you to get the most out of your stay. The joys of staying at this Disney World Deluxe Resort is being put in the middle of Nature from the Islands intertwined with the Whimsical feel of Disney. You will not find that the Polynesian Studio Villas are childish in any way but they do have an extra splash of color added in and some Hidden Mickey’s to find. This just adds to the charm and truly makes this a great Family Destination.

As you enter the main hallway to your room, you will find that the colors and decor give you that sense of the South Pacific. The lighting fixtures mounted to the interior walls look to be island style carvings and the mixture of natural wood with bright carpets connecting the rooms gives a unique design space as you look for your room. The room itself continues this same theme. Filled with a more Natural feel and splashes of bright colored objects bring these Studio Villas at the Disney Polynesian to life.

Disney World Polynesian Studio Villas

As mentioned before, these rooms are pretty large to be a Studio Villa in Disney World. When you enter the room, you might feel that the actual living space doesn’t look as large as advertised (465 Square Feet to be exact). There is a reason for this and while some understand the purpose, others wish there was a little more space to maneuver around. So let’s take a look at this layout in more detail.

The Bathroom

Much of this “Extra” space is given to the Bathroom section of the Polynesian Villa. The bathroom itself is broken up in to 2 main sections; On one side you have a granite top sink with a tub/shower unit and a toilet, while the other section is completely separate with a stand up shower Unit and another granite top sink. These rooms are designed to handle up to 5 guests and if you have ever had to share a bathroom with this many people, you should really appreciate the additional spaces to get ready in the morning. I personally think that the design works well mainly because of this reason.

The Disney Polynesian Facts show you a Quick List of Room Amenities and Resort Information.

Living / Sleeping area

The largest area in the Studio Villa is the Living and Sleeping area. Along one wall of the room is a nice, comfortable Queen Bed with a large drawer underneath to provide additional storage space. There is also a large Queen Sleeper sofa upholstered in multiple colors to add some pizazz to the room. Many guests wish that Disney would have just put in 2 Queen Beds and not used a sofa at all. I can understand the thinking behind this but if you are going to call this room a Studio Villa, I think the additional sitting area has to be included. I have found that the Sleeper Sofa’s that Disney use are a little more comfortable than what you will find in a standard hotel room but I can definitely understand the desire for 2 beds.

So where does the 5th person sleep, you might ask? Have you ever been on a cruise where you slept in a room where the beds would fold down from the walls? Well, it is kind of like that. Across from the Queen bed, on the other wall, you will see a Flat Screen TV and a large piece of furniture below. Fold down the large door on the front of this brightly painted box and you will find a twin sized Murphy Bed. On that same wall you will find a set of colorful chairs and a nice size round table.


I am not sure that you can really call this area a kitchenette, maybe a Wet Bar with a Microwave? Don’t expect to prepare a meal at this small Kitchen Area. What you will find is a very small nook with a sink, mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker and a toaster. This is a perfect place to have something small as you start out on your day. It is also nice to have an area to keep your food fresh and reheat if you need to. Most guests are on a vacation of a lifetime so they are not thinking about cooking during their stay so this is not a big problem. If you are planning to cook more during your visit, you might want to take a look at the Hotels with Kitchens in Orlando.

Outdoor Living Space

The main floor Villas have a Patio while the floors above ground have a Balcony. The views are wonderful from all of the Villas. A couple of chairs are provided on the Balconies and you also have a nice table to set your drinks on. This is a great place to sit and drink a cup of coffee before you start your day.

Are the Villas at Disney Polynesian Resort Worth it?

There are many reasons to stay at one of the Disney World Polynesian Villas. They offer more space to get ready with the split bathroom design, a small kitchenette, great views and the feel of being on an Hawaiian island. Many guests also come here because this is one of the Deluxe Resorts created when Magic Kingdom first opened. The continued renovations keep this Resort current and it is a great way to visit the “Islands” without actually crossing the water to get there.

The Villas are only part of the Disney Vacation Club rooms at the Polynesian Resort. You might also look at the Disney World Polynesian Resort Bungalows to have an on the water living experience.