Are you looking to save some money while still taking a fantastic vacation? If so, staying at one of the many Hotels with Kitchens in Orlando Florida could be just the way to accomplish this. Do you really want to cook while you are away from home? Believe it or not, there are many reasons that people look for places to stay that have built in Kitchens or Kitchenettes. You don’t really have to cook if you don’t want to. Look at it this way, if you stay in a standard hotel room, you normally get a mini-fridge good enough to store a few drinks if you are lucky. If you stay at one of the Hotels in Orlando with Kitchen you open yourself up to storing milk and cereal, maybe some cut up fruit and even a nice place to sit down and have a snack or a light lunch during the day. Think of the money you can save if you only ate 1 meal out of each day at the resort and not some pricey restaurant. It adds up quick doesn’t it?

Villa’s and Suites with Kitchen in Orlando

Most of the properties you will find that offer in room Kitchens will be a Villa or Condo. Every once in a while you will find a Suite that lists one that is full size or maybe even a kitchenette but when you hear the word suite, it normally means that it will not have a Kitchen. If you are not interested in preparing a full meal where you would need access to an oven or stove-top, you might be able to make do with the Wet Bar that come with some of the Suites.

Always an exception to the rule

Earlier we talked about the fact of Villas and Condos always having a Kitchen but you will also find a couple of very unique locations to cook up something good to eat that might stand out from your more ordinary locations. Take the Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort for example. When you stay here, you will have neighbors but they are not just a wall away. This Cabin in paradise offers many amenities that you will not get at other places because each cabin is a separate building. The Kitchen space is not huge by any means but it does offer everything you need to prepare a meal with a full size Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave and even a dishwasher. Across from the kitchen, there is a small dining table with booth seating on one side and room for up to 3 chairs on the other.

Give me the 5 Star Kitchen

Surprisingly enough, there are very few 5 star Hotels in Orlando with a Kitchen. One place that always seems to stand out is the Wyndham Reunion Resort located just south of the main Orlando action by just a few miles on Interstate 4. This luxury place to stay is fantastic all the way around. There are plenty of Villa’s to pick from and all of them have a full upscale Kitchen. Most are completely updated with Granite Tops and all of the Stainless Steel appliances you could hope for.

Plenty of Resorts to choose from with Kitchens in Room