Disney Polynesian Resort at Christmas

What you immediately realize, when you walk around the Polynesian Resort, is that the Christmas Decorations are completely intertwined with the existing Polynesian atmosphere. Imagine being in Hawaii over the Christmas Season with all of the South Pacific flowers, palm trees and amazing colors and mixed into this natural beauty are splashes of Christmas trees and decorations that are amazing but also match with the surrounding natural appeal. Red and White Poinsettias mixed in with the tropics gives a unique flair to Christmas at the Disney Polynesian Resort.

Distinctive Christmas Decorations at the Polynesian Resort?

Disney World is spectacular at Christmas and each of the Disney Resorts decorates in its own unique way. Christmas decorations at the Polynesian Resort are no exception. After seeing the unique and wonderful design of Hawaii and Christmas decorations, you might even consider making a change to your own Tree or Christmas display.

Still Exceptional

While not as elaborate as some of the other Disney World Deluxe Resorts, the Polynesian is a great place to stay at any time during the year. If you are not staying at the Polynesian Resort, be sure to put on your list of Disney Resorts to visit at Christmas time.

Gingerbread Display at the Polynesian?

If you are looking for a Gingerbread display at the Disney Polynesian Resort, unfortunately, you will not find one. While you will find amazing displays of Gingerbread at the Disney Deluxe Resorts, the Polynesian does not join in with this part of the Christmas Festivities. There are many other Disney Resorts to consider visiting that do have impressive displays of Gingerbread. See the list of options below:

List of Disney Resorts with Gingerbread Displays

The Disney Polynesian Resort is located directly on the Monorail system so it is easy to hop on and look at the decorations at both the Contemporary and Grand Floridian Resort since they are both on the Monorail as well. Take a little time out of one of your days to explore the many exciting Christmas displays at the Disney World Resorts.

Disney Polynesian Village Resort

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