Pool Fun at Port Orleans French Quarter

Inspired by the essence of Mardi Gras, the Doubloon Lagoon Pool at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter offers up a land of vibrant colors with an Oasis of water fun for the family. Jazz plays from the alligator band as they joyfully invite you to come in and relax by the free-flowing lagoon pool. Impossible to miss, the giant sea serpent slithers above and below ground making a unique scene as well as bridges and underpasses across the complete pool. Take the stairs up to the head of the serpent and kids get to slide down its 51-foot tongue, into the watery abyss. Zero-Entry access is not to be found in the main family pool but a wonderful splash park is nearby with plenty of fun with splashing fountains, sprinklers, gentle sloping on all sides to a more kid-friendly water slide.

More at the Riverside

Well, not the actual Sassagoula River but Port Orleans is made up of two (2) Resorts. Did you know that the French Quarter and the Port Orleans Riverside are sister properties? This means, you get to enjoy all of the Amenities and Water Fun at both locations. Ol’ Man Island, located at the Riverside is a huge 3.5-acre water park with waterfalls, and a large water slide. It is like getting a 2 for 1 deal when you book the French Quarter Port Orleans in Orlando.

Water Park Information at Port Orleans French Quarter:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 8 am – 10 pm (This varies by the season)
  • Outdoor Pool: Doubloon Lagoon free-form Pool
  • Large Water Slides: One (1) water slide at the Doubloon Lagoon Pool, 51-feet long and is shaped like the tongue coming out of the serpents mouth.
  • Kids Water Slides: One (1) kids water slide at the kiddie splash pool
  • Lazy River: There is not a Lazy River at the French Quarter Port Orleans
  • Kids Splash Park: Water Slide, Zero-entry access, water fountains and sprinklers keep the kids happy, cool and safe.
  • Zero-entry: Zero-entry is located at the Kids splash park. The main family pool does not have zero-entry points
  • Hot Tub: A Hot Tub is located behind Mardi Grogs, the bar area and is secluded for the adults to enjoy away from the pool
  • Towels: Towels are provided at Doubloon Lagoon Pool
  • Cabanas: Cabanas are not available at the Port Orleans French Quarter Pool
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Pool, or the front desk at the French Quarter Port Orleans.
  • Who: The Pool is for all Guests at the Port Orleans French Quarter and guests staying at the Port Orleans Riverside
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty around the pools and the water slides

Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Fun

Doubloon Lagoon Pool

Walking out of the back of the French Quarter Lobby, a few happy alligators meet you to play a jazz tune as you walk the path to the Family Pool. A colorful serpent can be seen from a distance due to its massive size and it slithers along the pool inviting guests to join in the fun. The arches of the beast act as bridges and underpasses to add to the fun of getting around the Doubloon Lagoon. A water slide is built into the mouth of the

Kids Splash Park

Kids Splash Park with small water slide at Disney Port Orleans French Quarter

Hours of fun right around the corner from the Doubloon Lagoon Pool awaits for the little ones. Zero-entry access all the way around makes this area safe while the fountains and sprinklers keep them cool all day long. The water slide is just the right size for the toddlers.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub at Disney Port Orleans French Quarter

Adults will a resting spot of their own behind the Mardi Grogs Bar servicing with great adult beverages by the Doubloon Lagoon Pool.

Mardi Grogs

Mardi Grogs Bar by the Doubloon Lagoon at Disney Port Orleans French Quarter

The pool bar is a great place to hang out and meet new friends while your kids are off playing at the pool at the Port Orleans French Quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions: Disney Port Orleans French Quarter Pool

Is the Doubloon Lagoon Pool Heated?

Yes, the pool is temperature maintained even when it gets a little cooler outside.

Are towels provided at the pool?

Yes, there are towel bins at the Doubloon Lagoon Pool

Are life jackets available?

Yes, life jackets are located at the entrance of the pool.

How long is the Water Slide?

The water slide is 51-feet in length

Is there a pool bar?

Yes, the Mardi Grogs is located right beside the Doubloon Lagoon Pool

Disney Port Orleans - French Quarter

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