Virtually walking through any location gives you a great idea of what to expect before you ever get there. Watching the Disney All Star Movies Video shows you all of the different areas from the drive up to the resort to the Swimming Pools that you will enjoy during your stay. Pulling up to the All Star Movies Resort property, you get a feel right away that you are being set in a Disney Movie Scene. As you walk through the front doors of the Cinema Hall, you will notice all of the hustle and bustle going on to take care of the many guests that visit this Disney Value Resort. Since this is a Value Resort property, you will find that even though you don’t have all of the extravagant amenities that you would find at the more Deluxe Resorts, you are still staying at a Disney property and they do know how to treat their guests.

Main Lobby and Entrance

There is a lot that happens in the Cinema Hall building so make sure you take a good look around when you first visit. This is the first building you will see when you arrive and when you step through the front door, you will notice that there is a very long counter across the way where you will stand in line to be checked in. There is a nice area you can visit to purchase little nicknacks and souvenirs to remember your trip in this area. If you are getting hungry, this is also the building you will frequent to get some food from the very plentiful food court. There are not any fancy restaurants at this property but there is a lot of good food, good choices and the prices are a little better than you will find at other Disney Dining establishments. If you are looking for some additional fun and you would like to get out of the sun for a while, there is a full arcade in Cinema Hall that has different games for everyone in the family.

Water Fun

Walking through the back doors of Cinema Hall takes you out into your first courtyard area that has been decorated in the Disney Fantasia Theme. 2 Buildings of accommodations line each side of this area but the main focal point would have to the the huge Fantasia Pool in the center. The kids are going to be jumping up and down when they first lay eyes on this and will be pulling you along to jump in and get wet. You will have to drag them to the room first but don’t expect that to extinguish their excitement. Until you get them back to this pool, they will probably continue to nag at you. If too much commotion and excitement are going on at the Fantasia Pool you can take a right turn and head off in the direction of the second pool that is shaped like a Hockey Rink in the Mighty Ducks Themed area. This pool is smaller and out of the way of the main traffic area so it is normally a little quieter so you can sit back and relax a little more. To find out more, take some time to look over additional information on the Disney All Star Movies Swimming Pools.

Take a walk through the resort and feast your eyes on all 5 of the different themed locations. Each theme is setup with 2 buildings for special accommodations and the courtyard in each area reflect the theme with larger than life Disney Characters. Each section is unique and brings a special world of wonder to the kids and families that visit. There are a total of 1,920 Guest Rooms at this property but there are not any Suites. If you are looking for a little more room to spread out, take a look at the All Star Music Resort Accommodations. This is the only Disney Value Resort that offers Family Suites.

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