You might find that during your stay in Orlando there is so much to be done that it can almost become overwhelming. For these times, or just when you want to relax and lay low for a while, it is really good to know about the All Star Movies Resort Amenities on the property. The All Star Movies Property is very large and it has many different themed sections to see during your stay. It is fun just to walk around and look at all of the many clever ideas Disney has used to build out each one of these 5 uniquely styled areas. As you walk around, it will do you well to note the locations of the different water play areas. There are 2 swimming pools at this resort and both of them offer splashing fun for the whole family. The main pool is located in the first area you enter after leaving the Cinema Hall. This is the largest of the 2 pools and Mickey is perched high above spraying water on families below. The other quieter pool is located in the Mighty Ducks themed area.

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Fun for the Kids

The All Star Movies is a Disney Value resort and with all things designed by Disney you can be sure that the family is kept in mind. The little ones will love playing at the dry playground and it is located perfectly right behind the small Kiddie Pool area to the left of the large Fantasia Pool. This playground is not huge but it is very nice with multiple slides and climbing equipment to keep your little ones entertained for a while. It is shaded well with trees all around so the parents can stay cool while the kids run around. In the heat of the day, the arcade is the happening place to be with all sorts of games to play. There is something for each person in the family to enjoy. After playing in the pool for a while, take the kids out behind the left wing of the Surfs Up Hotel where they will find a nice Dry, White Sandy Playground area with Jungle Gyms and multiple slides. The older kids will not care about this but the younger ones will have a great time playing while you relax in the shade of the surrounding trees. There might be times where the heat will just get unbearable but you are really not interested in spending any more time at the pools to cool off. With this in mind, head up to the main building, Stadium Hall and enjoy a really large Arcade Room with all types of games to keep the family busy for a couple of hours.

Take a Jog or a Run to Stay in Shape

There is not a gym or workout area at the All Star Movies Resort but it is normally great weather in Orlando so taking a jog or walk on the 1 mile track around the property can give you some additional exercise during your visit. This scenic view is also a great way to take in all of the sights and sounds the resort has to offer.