Spending time at the Disney Theme Parks is more than likely the biggest excitement for your big upcoming trip but what about those days that you really just want to sit back, relax and take a moment for yourself? If you have kids, you might only get one of these days during your vacation so it might be good to know up front what Disney All Star Sports Amenities there are to enjoy if you decide to take a day off and stay around the resort. The property itself is very large and during your visit you should really take a look at all of the different Themed areas around. The kids will really enjoy the time because it will not be rushed and all of the over sized Sports Items along with your favorite Disney Characters in many of the Courtyards will make this a very exciting thing to do. As you exit the main building after check in, the very first sight you will see are large surfboards and you will also hear the playful sounds of families splashing around in the largest pool at the resort. The Surfboard Bay Pool is huge and is shaped like a giant wave. Since this pool is at the front of the complex it might be a little crowded but that is okay, hang a left, through the football themed area and you will come upon the second Grand Slam Pool shaped like a Baseball Diamond. This pool is not as large but it will be a little quieter and the kids will have a blast.

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Fun for the Kids

The All Star Sports is a Disney resort, so that tells you that it is designed with kids and families in mind. After playing in the pool for a while, take the kids out behind the left wing of the Surfs Up Hotel where they will find a nice Dry, White Sandy Playground area with Jungle Gyms and multiple slides. The older kids will not care about this but the younger ones will have a great time playing while you relax in the shade of the surrounding trees. There might be times where the heat will just get unbearable but you are really not interested in spending any more time at the pools to cool off. With this in mind, head up to the main building, Stadium Hall and enjoy a really large Arcade Room with all types of games to keep the family busy for a couple of hours.

Take a Jog or a Run to Stay in Shape

Most days you will get plenty of exercise just by the miles and miles of walking you will get when you visit the parks around you. If that just isn’t enough exercise for you, or you have taken a relaxing day off, there is NOT a gym or place to workout at Disney All Star Sports Resort but they do have a very nice 1 mile Jogging trail that takes you around the entire resort. This scenic view is also a great way to take in all of the sights and sounds the resort has to offer.