The first thing that crosses your mind when booking at the Animal Kingdom Lodge has to be the savanna and all of the animals roaming around the grounds but there is so much more to see and do. In fact, you might have to visit more than once to take in everything that this resort has to offer. The Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Amenities offer something for every age and most are designed to be family oriented. This is a great way to have fun, enjoy the new environment around you and spend time together as a family. For most vacationers, this is truly a lifetime experience that will always be remembered.

To see all of the things to do as well as accommodations and pool information in an easy to view list, check out the Animal Kingdom Lodge Accommodations, Amenities and Dining Quick List.

The African Savanna

View of a Bird with wings spread over a creek at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

Take in all of the wonders of this African Themed Lodge area inside of Disney. During your visit to Disney World it is always nice to stay on one of the many Disney Resorts. Your entire family will enjoy watching the animals on the savanna while you view them from your room, walking through the resort or even dining in one of the many Themed restaurants available on the property. The savanna is broken up in to 3 main sections, Sunset, Arusha and Uzima. There are over 30 species roaming the savanna and each area will show your a different group of animals as well as many different habitats. If you are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you will find a map in each room that gives you the layout of the resort and what you can see at each of these locations. If you are just visiting, be sure and pick up one of these maps from the front desk and take a look around.

Double the Pools, Double the Fun

View of a Large Pool with Water Slide at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

Enjoy both of the pool areas at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Uzima Pool at the Jambo House and the Samawati Pool at the Kidani Village. Each of these pools are worth visiting because they are very different in design and what they offer. The Uzima Pool is the largest of the two covering a full 11,000 square feet with plenty of seating and a Water Slide. The Samawati Pool is smaller but has a larger slide, zero entry for the younger ones and a full Kids Play area complete with a dumping bucket of water and water canons. Take a stroll through the property and enjoy sites that no one else has access to unless you stay at this resort. Additional information on the Animal Kingdom Lodge Pools.

Activities for the Kids

There are so many things for the Kids to do at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you are looking for some alone time, Simba’s Clubhouse is a perfect place to to drop off the kids, ages 3 to 12 and know they are in a safe environment. Each night your child can play, dine and even catch a movie with Disney Cast members who care about the well being of your children. This is offered with additional cost of course, but it can give you that one romantic night alone if you so choose. Not only that, but your child might not want to leave when you come to pick them up because of all the fun they have had.

Hakuna Matata Playground

View of the Hakuna Matata Playground with Slides and climbing areas at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

This playground offers a great place for the kids to enjoy the great outdoors while you either run around with them or sit in the cool shade while they are off playing. This is a great place for them to find other kids to play with. The playground can be found near the flamingo area.

Jogging Trails

View of a walking trail through greenery at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

While you will not find an exercise facility, there are 2 jogging trails setup for your enjoyment. One leads you around the Uzima Pool area and the other is used as a connector between the Jambo House and the Kidani Village. Even if you are not a runner, the beauty you see around you is worth taking a leisurely stroll on both of these paths.

Pumbaa’s Arcade

Sign at the entrance of the Arcade room, Pumbaa's Fun and Games at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

An arcade is a perfect way to enjoy some time out of the summer heat. Play one of many classic and more popular games at the arcade

Experience Dining

View of the Dining Room at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World

There are a few different dining experiences you can have on the property, all of them are listed at Animal Kingdom Lodge Dining Facts. There is so much to do on the property that you will have to start planning right away to get everything done that you want to do.