Are Pets allowed at the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort?

 Yes they do!!

You might not have realized that Disney World has some Pet Friendly Resorts. What a blessing to be able to bring your dog with you on a Disney Vacation to the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. That would be so much fun! Not so much fun if you happen to have a cat you would like to bring, Disney does not allow cats at any of their Resorts but dogs, they say YES!

Special Note:

Although this information was correct at the time of publishing, always check with the Riverside Port Orleans Resort front desk about any additional fees for bringing your pet in case the policy has changed.

Pet Policy Restrictions at the Orlando Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Things you should know before you pack up your dog:

Pet Checklist

All Dogs must:

  • have a good health rating and you will need to bring proof of vacinations when checking in
  • only be a dog – Cats are not allowed
  • Two (2) dogs are allowed in each paid guest room

In order to bring your pet:

  • Dogs are not allowed on the furniture and must be trained
  • Not all rooms are available for your pet, you will be assigned a “Pet Friendly” room when making your reservation
  • A pet carrier is to be used if you are away from your room and a leash when you are outside with them
  • Designated areas only for your pet
  • No more than 7 hours should pass before taking care of your dog
  • If your dog is in the room you have to display the “Room Occupied” sign
  • Dogs are not allowed everywhere, restrictions exist for Restaurants and Pools but check on the latest Pet Policy from the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort to get the most up to date rules
  • Check out the map to see where the dog relief areas are. There will be one close to your pet friendly guestroom
  • Always check with the Riverside Resort at Port Orleans front desk to verify the latest Pet Policy information

Service Animals

Service Animals are always Welcome at the Disney World Port Orleans Riverside Resort Resort.

Other Disney World Resorts that are Pet Friendly

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