Boulder Ridge Villas vs Copper Creek Villas at Disney Wilderness Lodge

With an opening date of November 2000, the Boulder Ridge Villas were the original DVC properties built at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. It wasn’t until 2017 that Disney opened the Copper Creek Villas to expand on the Disney Vacation Club property foot print at the Wilderness Lodge Resort.


Let’s start with the location of the Boulder Ridge Villas and the Copper Creek Villas on the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort Map.

Bing map showing the layout of Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Villas in relation to transportation and Dining at at the Disney Wilderness Lodge 600

As you can see from the map, the Copper Creek Villas are connected to the main building of the Disney Wilderness Lodge. The Boulder Ridge Villas are in a separate building to the right of the Wilderness Lodge Lobby. A beautiful covered walkway is used as a connector between the main lobby of the Wilderness Lodge and the Carolwood Room which is the lobby for the Boulder Ridge Villas. Going outside to get to the Boulder Villas can be a little less desirable for some. Others like the additional seclusion the Boulder Ridge Villas offer by being disconnected from the main lodge.

Villa Size, Layout and Style

Okay, so this is where things are a little different between Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge Villas. As with anything in life, one would think that the newer Villas would be the nicest and most up to date. That might be true with other locations but Disney does a great job of keeping all of their Villas up to date. Boulder Ridge Villas went through a refurbishment in 2014, not far from the time the Copper Creek Villas were being built. The style of the Villas is very different as well. The Villas at Boulder Ridge are more of a rustic, cabin feel, but with the standard elegance, you would find while camping in the best cabin in the mid-west. Copper Creek Villas, on the other hand, are more chic and stylish but do not completely give up that feeling of being out in the woods.

  • Studio Villas

    Looking at the Studio Villas first, one thing to notice is the size. The Boulder Ridge Deluxe Studio Villas are 356 sq ft while the Copper Creek Villas are 345 sq ft. Sure, 11 sq ft is not going to be a deal-breaker for most people but when you consider that the Boulder Ridge Deluxe Studio can sleep 5 guests and the Copper Creek Studio only sleeps 4, that can make a huge difference to many guests.

  • 1 Bedroom Villas

    Things start to level out a bit once you get to the One Bedroom Villas. Both of the 1 Bedroom Villas at Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek allow 4 guests. Even though this space is much larger than the Studio Villas, some prefer the Deluxe Studio Villa at Boulder Ridge over the 1 Bedroom Villa since it can sleep, 5 guests. A big upgrade in the 1 Bedroom Villa is the Kitchen and Living Room Space, however, there is a big difference in the design and layout of the Kitchen spaces between the two locations. Boulder Ridge Kitchens are built in a more traditional, square style and the Copper Creek kitchens are a straight, gally-style. Refrigerator space is a little more plentiful at the Copper Creek Villas as they are full size while the Boulder Ridge Villa Refrigerators are a slightly smaller apartment size. Most guests would not complain about either location. Full-size kitchens with all of the pots, pans, dishware, and utensils you need to prepare a full meal are all anyone needs. Dining space at the Copper Creek One-Bedroom Villa consists of a large table with seating for 6 while the Boulder Ridge dining space is a small table with 2 chairs and a bar with a couple of barstools. Outdoor, balcony space is much larger at the Copper Creek 1 Bedroom Villa with a balcony from the living room and the master bedroom. The Boulder Ridge 1 bedroom only has one balcony off of the living room. As far as the square footage goes, the Copper Creek 1 bedroom villa has 761 sq ft while the Boulder Ridge has 727 sq ft.

  • 2 Bedroom Villas

    The Two-bedroom Villas at Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge are made up of a 1-Bedroom Villa and a Standard Room with 2 Queen Beds. This allows for up to 8 guests in each 2-bedroom space. The square footage in the Copper Creek 2 bedroom villa has 1107 sq ft while the Boulder Ridge has 1080 sq ft.

  • 3 Bedroom Grande Villas

    Copper Creek wins hands down with the Three-Bedroom Villa since there is NOT a 3 bedroom Villa option at Boulder Ridge. The Three Bedroom unit is huge. Be sure to take a look at the Copper Creek Three-Bedroom Grande Villa in more detail if you want a huge 3204 square feet of space to live in.

  • Cabins

    A private stay is precisely what you will get if you purchase, or stay in one of the Cabins that are part of the Copper Creek Villas at Disney Wilderness Lodge. Each cabin is huge with over 1,700 square feet and very comfortably sleeps, 8 guests. The hot tub in the screened porch off of the back of the cabin overlooking the Bay Lake is a favorite location for guests to sit and relax. Boulder Ridge does not have anything like the Cabins.


Pool views and some views of Bay Lake are your main option when staying at the Copper Creek Villas. On one side you have the Copper Creek Springs Pool with a 67-foot water slide and on the other, the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool which is a more quiet and serene spot to enjoy the water. Boulder Ridge Villas have some villas facing the front of the Wilderness Lodge area and have woodland views and others in the back which have views of the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, or views of the Copper Creek Cabins and Bay Lake. No matter where you stay, getting a Villa on a higher floor will give you the best views around.


Many guests mention how much they like the Copper Creek Villas over Boulder Ridge when it comes to Dining at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. All of the dining locations are closer to Copper Creek and you do not have to walk outside to get to the Whispering Canyon Cafe, Roaring Fork or Artist Point.

Disney Vacation Club Information

Looking to purchase a Disney Vacation Club membership at the Disney Wilderness Lodge Resort? Now there are two options to choose from. Boulder Ridge Villas expire in 2042 and the Copper Creek Villas expire in 2067. Also, it takes more points to stay at Copper Creek which means the Villas cost more and they have higher dues than the Boulder Ridge Villas. Having a much longer time of ownership at Copper Creek is something to seriously consider though and over time might be the better purchase if you like the new location and design.

Getting to transportation

No matter which DVC property you stay in, the Disney Wilderness Lodge Shuttle Service and transportation is available to you as a Disney Vacation Club Member. You can definitely see a slight advantage to guests staying in the Boulder Ridge Villas closest to the main lodge, being closer to the bus stop. This is a real benefit to some but notice if you stay in the farthest part of Boulder Ridge, there is not much of a difference from staying at the Copper Creek Villas in terms of the walking distance to the bus stops. Copper Creek Villas edges out Boulder Ridge slightly when taking the water taxi to the Magic Kingdom since it is a little closer to the boat dock.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is the difference between Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge Villas?

Do I have to be a DVC member to stay at the Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek Villas?

No, you do not have to be a DVC Member but there perks by being one. DVC members get first pick at the Villas at both Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek before the inventory is opened up to the public. Book direct through Disney or through our Reservations with or Expedia.

Is parking free?

If you are a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) member, and you are staying at the Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek Villas, you do not have to pay a parking fee.

How does check-in work?

Check-in is open through the Disney MyExperience App or Online Disney Experience up to 10 days in advance of your stay.

Check-in, for the Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Villas are available at the counter located in the main Wilderness Lodge Lobby.

What time is Check-in/Check-out at the Villas?

Check-in at the Copper Creek & Boulder Ridge Villas is 4 PM on your arrival date and Check-out is 11 AM on your departure date.

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