Have a great, fun family experience filled with art, and magical colors when you stay at the Art of Animation Resort Disney in Orlando Florida. This huge Disney Value Resort is designed to give you a captivating view of some of your favorite Disney Movie characters as well as some from Disney Pixar® as well. Disney knows how exciting it is for your kids to come face to face with representations of characters that they have come to know from the movies and they do not disappoint at the Art of Animation Resort. Each one of the Four major themed areas are full of larger than life personalities of your movie favorites.

Budget Friendly but still Disney

So, you are on a budget and making sure that you stretch your dollar as far as you can this year, who isn’t these days? The Disney World Value Resorts are a great way to stay on the Disney property and get all of the same perks of those staying at one of the Disney Moderate Resorts or Deluxe Resorts. If you are looking to save some cash during your stay, you should definitely consider the Disney World Art of Animation Resort as one of your options. The kids will love the different areas as they walk around with a face full of wonder and the adults will be amazed by all of the energy and excitement that they see all around them. As you venture through the various areas of the resort, pay attention to the wondrous detail that Disney uses to create such a captivating environment for their guests. The Art of Animation Property surrounds you with some of your favorite movie stories like, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Cars. Even though the Art of Animation Resort Disney is one of the Value Resorts, it is still a Disney Property. Because of this it offers all of the benefits you would come to appreciate at any of the more lavish resorts. It might not have all of the same options or amenities as the more Deluxe rated resorts but look at all of the benefits you get because you are staying at a Disney location. You still get early access to the parks as well as the full access to the Disney transportation system. That in itself is a huge benefit of staying at an onsite resort property.

Rooms and Suites

There are many different types of rooms available at this resort. Many of the rooms are very large Family Suites with space for up to 6 people in each areas. The remainder of the rooms are considered standard with similar features that you would find in a normal hotel room. One of the greatest features about the Art of Animation resort is the fact that they have more Suites than regular rooms. Okay, the suites cost more because they give you additional space to spread out but they also sleep up to 6 people in each one. If you are comparing this resort to the other Value resorts you will see that the All Star Movie Resort Disney and the All Star Sports Resort Disney don’t have any Family Suites at all. If you are looking for the least expensive stay, the standard rooms will work just fine but don’t expect to get a Suite at either of these resorts. To see all of the room information take a look at the Art of Animation Resort Rooms.

What are the Benefits

One of the main reason that families stay at a Disney Resort is for the many different benefits that come along with it. You might be able to get a nicer place to stay outside of the Disney Properties for the same amount of money but you have to weigh in the additional value that you do get by staying at Disney World. The Art of Animation is one of the few Value Resorts but don’t let that concern you at all. The great advantages that you get when staying at any Disney location is the attention to detail from all of the people who work for Disney in general. Each person is trained in the way to treat a guest as special. Not only that but did you know that all of the transportation to all that is Disney is automatically provided with your stay? Visit any of the parks as well as the Downtown Disney area without ever having to drive or pay for additional parking. You also get early admission to some of the Disney Parks and believe me, this is worth staying inside of Disney World without anything else being provided.

Every part of the resort is styled to get the whole family excited even when you are just walking around the grounds. Massive structures displayed and in prominent positions make you aware of the Themed area you are in at all times. Each of the different sections have accommodations styled to match the distinct theme you are in. Find out all there is to know about the different styles and accommodations at Art of Animation Rooms.

When you start walking around this property, you find out very quick how large it really is. This is something to take into account when you are booking the right room for you and your family. It is important to know that the Finding Nemo section is the closest to everything at the resort. It is the first area you come to when you walk out of the main building where you check in, dine out or play arcade games. It is also the location of the largest pool at this complex. Staying at Finding Nemo gives you the closest access but it is also the noisiest as well since something is going on outside your building at all times during the day. If you are looking for something a little quieter, The Little Mermaid themed area is the furthest away from the entrance. It has its own small pool but know that it takes about 7 or 8 minutes to walk from this area to the front of the resort.

Swimming Pools

There are not any Water Slides or Lazy Rivers at any of the Disney Value Resorts but you will find 3 very nice Swimming Pools at the Art of Animation Property. The main pool is the largest in all of the Disney resorts and has a large Zero-entry location that you will not find at any of the other Value Resorts. Take a look at all of the information available and take a look at pictures of the pools as well at the Art of Animation Pool.

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