Most Incredible Kids Disney Resorts in Orlando Fl

More than likely, if you are planning your next vacation to Disney, it is probably because of your children. That being the case, you want it to leave a lasting impression, right? If you take a look at the Best Disney World Resort for Kids list first, it could help you to determine which Disney Resort in Orlando will fit your kid the best. We will be focusing primarily on the kids, so let’s dig in and see what the different Disney World properties have to offer.

Disney World Resort Family Vacation Budget

If you are not concerned about money, you might rule out the Disney World Value Resorts just because they are the least expensive. This could be a big oversight, particularly if you are bringing small children along on your trip. The Value Resorts offer something that the others don’t, a very colorful setting where your child will be surrounded by some of their favorite Disney Characters in a much larger than life setting.

View of Luigi Repair shop at the Cars section at the Art of Animation Resort in Disney World Orlando

If you are considering one of the Disney World Value Resorts for Kids, the Art of Animation Resort would have to come out on top. Partly because it is the newest Value Property and other than the All-Star Music Resort, it also comes with available Family Suites. Get ready to see your kids jaw drop when they walk around the Resort and see the Bigger than Life Disney Characters. Crush, the Giant Sea Turtle awaits as you venture through Finding Nemo, while Ariel watches over you in The Little Mermaid area. If you have young boys, they might enjoy seeing Simba around The Lion King, but the section that gets kids excited more than any other, is Cars. The Art of Animation Resort did an amazing job with this section, in my humble opinion, with Giant Orange Cones used as Cabanas around the Pool area and of course the most important characters, Lightning McQueen and Tow’Mater. It is amazing how this area lights up a child’s face when they get to see their favorite Disney Friends in real form. Look at the Comparison between the Disney World Value Resorts and see which one would be the best fit for your kids.

Disney Value Resort Transportation

If you decide to stay at one of the Disney World Value Resorts, there is one important thing to take in to consideration, Transportation. The All Star Resorts, Movies, Music and Sport were the first properties added to the Disney Value Resort level. Each one of these locations are wonderful but there is one small downside, the transportation. Since these properties are build in a line, one right after the other, at times they share the same buses to get guests back and forth to the parks. For the most part, this is not a huge issue because Disney has such a massive transit system but when things are really busy, you might notice it takes a little bit longer to get on transportation to one of the All Star Resorts. Other than the transportation, there are many delightful things to see at each one of these Resorts that make it amazing for Kids.

Best Disney World Moderate Resort for Kids

Row of Cabins at the Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World

Selecting the Best Disney World Moderate Resort for Kids is a little tougher due to the fact that there are so many great resorts in this category. As you move up to this next level, you get more amenities than the Disney World Value Resorts but, you do lose the more colorful, whimsical settings that seems to really add to the fascination of the Value Resorts. Many families with kids of all ages will lean towards Moderate Disney Properties because of the mix between pool options and a more sophisticated look compared to the Value line of properties. Choosing one for the top spot is not an easy task but since many kids love the great outdoors and running around to their hearts content, the Cabins at Fort Wilderness really stand out. This would be considered the top end option of the Moderate Resort line since you are actually getting a full size cabin in the woods capable of sleeping up to 6 guests. Kids love it because there is so much to do and so many places to roam around.

Golf Carts parked at the Disney Cabins at Fort Wilderness wide

If you really want to add some excitement to your vacation, rent a Golf Cart to get around the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground area. This place is huge and since you are not permitted to drive your car to get around the site, renting bikes or a golf cart is the best way to go. Kids love going to the swimming pools at Fort Wilderness because of the large Corkscrew Slide built in to what looks like a large Water reservoir. Add in all of the outdoor fun with Archery, Water Sports and Beach Volleyball and what is there not to like. This is a great family getaway and meets the desires of the entire family. The transportation is upgraded when you stay at the Cabins with the Disney Water Taxi System. Kids love riding on the Water Shuttle and it gets them some time on the water without having to spend additional money renting one of the watercraft at the Marina.

Best Disney World Deluxe Resort for Kids

Giraffe at the Savanna in Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Wide

Determining the Best Disney World Deluxe Resort for Kids might be the most difficult of all. When you get to the higher end of the Disney Properties, although they are amazing for families, they don’t have the flash and pizazz of the Value resorts (at least from a kids perspective). From an adults view, this is where we would like to stay every time and we might not see the charm of the massive 35 foot plastic Disney Characters at the Disney World Value Resorts.

Disney Polynesian Village Resort

View of Volcano Water Slide at the Polynesian Village Resort in Disney World Orlando

If you have decided that a Deluxe Resort is where you want to stay and you are trying to entice the little ones with the Magic that surrounds the Deluxe Resorts, you might consider one on the Disney Hotels on the Monorail. Out of the resorts connected to the Monorail system, the best kids resort would have to be the Polynesian Village. The distinct South Pacific design and large Volcano Water Slide at the pool make this a kids favorite but in all honesty, loses its flare after a while because most of the Deluxe Disney Resorts are not centered around the younger kids.

Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge

Giraffe and Ostrich walking through the Savanna at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney World Orlando

The one that stands out as the Best Disney World Deluxe Resort for Kids overall, would have to be the Animal Kingdom Lodge. In a kids mind, this one is really hard to beat. No where else in the Disney Resorts can you find free roaming animals and birds on the Savanna right in your backyard. Kids will watch the animals roam for hours and every morning, wake up in amazement at the sights that surround them. The Pool complex is also great for kids of all ages with a large water slide and a big Kids Splash area. This resort offers a perfect place to enjoy Disney World as a family but the Kids will especially enjoy there time here.

As you can see, there are so many choices at the Disney World Resort. These are our picks for the Best Disney World Resort for Kids but take some time of your own to explore the differences between all of the Disney Resorts in Orlando Fl.