If you are bringing your camper, RV or tent you will want to stay at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. There are many different types of campsites that will meet the various need that you might have. No matter what you bring to camp there is a place for you to setup your outdoor home from unpacking a tent to pulling in your RV that has all of the conveniences of home. The entire area is equipped for High Speed Internet access and if you are setting up with a camper or Recreational Vehicle, you also have the option of getting a cable tv hookup as well.

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Driving in your very own cart

This is half of the fun when you stay at Fort Wilderness. You are not allowed to drive your car or truck around the property unless you are coming or going so how do you get around? Some people just walk everywhere and others will bring bicycles to ride around. The most enjoyable way to get from place to place is by renting a golf cart for the week. For some reason, you just feel special when you are whizzing around the grounds in your very own cart. It is a lot of fun and the kids take this as one of the finest memories of the trip

Access to other resort run

Since you are staying in the Walt Disney Resort, you will have access to the Walt Disney Hotel amenities. Enjoy many different activities and amenities that will make your stay the best available experience in the area. There are also a number of different dining experiences with country shows for the family or character shows for the kids.