Have access to all of the wonderful Disney Wilderness Lodge Amenities in Orlando Florida, it is like walking into an era when the Great Parks of America were being built. In the hay-day of that time, tourism was making its way into society and the beauty that these amazing landscapes were famous for were locations people would flock to in order to see. Disney wanted to build something very special in Orlando that captured that same pioneering spirit with the Fantastic Northwestern Themed Wilderness Lodge. Those who visit this Disney location are always astonished by the sheer size and scope of the property. It is held as one of the best Themed properties that Disney created in the Orlando Disney World Property.

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Rooms at the Lodge

View of a standard room at the Disney Wilderness Lodge with Bunk Beds

Choosing the right Room at Disney Wilderness Lodge is an easy task but there are a few things to keep in mind before booking. Most of the 725 Guest Rooms are considered Standard Rooms. These Rooms are 340 Square Feet in size and offer configurations of 2 Queen Beds, 1 Queen Bed and Bunk Beds or a King Bed. Other than this the configuration of the rooms are about the same through out but you will want to pay attention to the Room Types because some of the accommodations have much better views than others. When you are staying at a Disney property, one of the best offerings they have are the amenities and views. You might as well have a nice view from your balcony even if it does costs a little bit more for your stay. You will see a list of the views below with a full display of the rooms and amenities. The top floor of the lodge is reserved for all of the Club Level accommodations. These rooms include Standard and Deluxe Style spaces. The Deluxe Rooms are setup more like a suite having a separate Bedroom Space and Living Room Space. These rooms might cost a bit more but if you are looking for the best experience during your stay, this is the way to go.

Water Fun at the Lodge

View of the Disney Wilderness Lodge Silver Springs Pool with Water slide and Lifeguard watching over

There are a couple of Swimming Pools at the Wilderness Lodge for family enjoyment. The Silver Creek Springs Pool is located off of the back side of the Lodge near Bay Lake. This pool offers a fun experience for the whole family with a large swimming area, a kiddie shallow splash pool and even a Water Slide built in to a large rock formation. Located just above the pool are 2 large hot tubs for the older kids and adults. There is also a nice Quiet Pool located behind the Villas at Disney Wilderness Lodge. This area is more secluded from the excitement of the main pool and is a great place to relax, read a book or have your favorite adult beverage. All of the information about the Water Fun Features, along with pictures, is located at the Disney Wilderness Lodge Swimming Pool section.

Marina and Water Sports

A couple of Searay Raycers on the water near the Disney Wilderness Lodge

Since you are staying at a Disney Resort, they offer so many on-site amenities that you really don’t need to leave the resort to have excitement during your stay. Stop by Teton Boat & Bike Rentals near the Sandy White Beach in front of Bay Lake to rent a SeaRay Raycer or other water craft. Renting a Water craft is also a great way to explore the beauty of the landscape from Bay Lake. There are many different rentals available from Pontoons to Sea Raycers but if you are interested in a little slower pace, taking out one of the Sailboats is a favored treat.

Surrey Bike Rental

Surrey Rental is fun at any of the Disney Resorts in Orlando

Renting a Surrey is a great way to see the resort from a different vantage point and it also gives you additional time to spend with your family.

Jogging Trail

Walking and Jogging Trail leading from the Disney Wilderness Lodge to the Disney Wilderness Campground

A tree lined jogging trail runs through the woods behind the resort offering a 3/4 mile track that is great for walking or running.

Kids Playground

For the little ones, a nice dry playground is located on the sandy beach of Bay lake, with slides and places to climb, they will have a wonderful time while you take in some rays by the lake.

Arcade and Game Room

If you need a few minutes of break from the heat, bring the kids inside for a little while and let them enjoy the fantastic Buttons and Bells Arcade. This large play area offers many different game styles and the kids will have a great time playing while you have a great time cooling off.

Night time fun

Normally, night is the time for winding down and getting everyone ready for bed but you are on vacation at one of the Premier resorts in Disney World. The party is just getting ramped up in the evenings at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. At night, a large campfire is created and Disney puts on a great show with time for Stories, Sing-a-longs and even treats like roasting marshmallows and creating delicious smores. It is like being at the best camp ever. After eating all of the sweets during the campfire show, the kids are going to be raring to go. “It’s not time for bed yet, says little Maple”. Time to start winding down though and a great way to do this is by hanging out on the beach and watching a movie. Each night Disney puts on a great family flick that everyone will enjoy down by Bay Lake. It is a great way to end the evening and laugh with the kids. Disney is truly King at creating a magnificent family experience.