It really is difficult to leave your pet in a kennel while taking off on an amazing vacation with the rest of the family, isn’t it? Most people regard their pets as a part of the family, so why not take him/her along with you? Remarkably enough, you will find a number of Pet Friendly Hotels in Orlando. Pack your bags, and pack your pets and make this a wonderful experience for everyone.

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Water Fun?

Many of the Hotels and Resorts at Water Park Hotels Orlando have more than just Pools. This makes for an overall, wonderful experience for the family. Having a Water Slide or Lazy River along with bringing your pet, can make this an unforgettable trip. Most of the Pet Policies do not allow you to bring your pet to any of the public places. This includes the pool areas. Be sure to check over the Pet Policy to see any stipulations before staying at any property.

Pet Policies for each Orlando Hotel

Remember to always look at the Pet Policy for each of the Pet Friendly Hotels in Orlando. Since they all differ from one another, even if you stayed in one of the Orlando Pet Friendly Hotels in the past, the next one you stay at might have a completely different policy. For Example, if you stay at the Westgate Town Center Resort their Pet Policy allows your pet to be up to 60 pounds and be a Dog or a Cat. While over at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista your pet can be up to 40 pounds and you can have 2 Dogs stay in your room with you. As you can see by the striking contrast between just these 2 locations, it is imperative you read the fine print before you go.

Special Note:

Even Hotels that have had a Pet Policy in place for many years might make changes to this Policy from time to time. Be sure you check the latest before you book your next trip. It might not be a bad idea to contact the Pet Friendly Hotel Orlando before your visit to get the latest updates to their Pet Policy changes.

Pet Friendly Orlando Hotel Fees

The fees for bringing your pet on a trip can vary wildly between hotels. You can normally find the fees with in each Pet Policy. Most of the Pet Friendly Hotels in Orlando have a fee for your Dog to stay with you but don’t overlook other fees like, pet cleaning fees or any type of damage fees. You can normally read through reviews to see how other pet owners feel about their stay at each location.

Service Animals

I am sure you know, especially if you have a Service Animal already, that Service Dogs are not considered Pets. Most Hotels and Resorts do not place a Service Animal in the same category as a regular house dog. This means, your service dog can go anywhere you can go, even Pools and Restaurants. Be sure to check with each hotel to verify the Policy they have for Service Animals before you visit.

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