Take in the comfort of home while you are on vacation with one of the many 2 Bedroom Villas in Orlando. Depending on the way that you vacation, a Villa might just be the perfect upgrade that you are looking for when looking for the perfect place to stay. Having your dwelling for the week with everything you are used to when staying at home is just a huge added bonus.

Difference between a Villa and a Suite in Orlando

Actually, it doesn’t matter where you book, the main difference is the same. When staying at a Villa, you will get the added feature of having your very own Kitchen or Kitchenette. You might have a wet bar or at least a small refrigerator at a Suite but most Suites are nothing more than an expansion of a standard hotel room. Granted, they are normally much nicer but if you are looking to prepare some meals while away, the option of a Villa would probably be the most appealing.

Orlando Fl 2 Bedroom Villas with Water Fun

Having fun in the water with the features that you would find at some of the large Water Parks is a giant plus when booking a Villa with 2 Bedrooms in Orlando. It will really add to the enjoyment of the trip when the kids know that they can go out and play for hours in a large Swimming Pool with some great add-ons for continued enjoyment. Staying at a Villa while visiting the many different parks and attractions will be fun but couple that with a fantastic place to stay with items like Water Slides, Lazy River, Zero Entry, Kiddie Pools or even Heated Pools, and you have found something special.

Something for everyone

It doesn’t really matter what type of traveler you are or if you are looking for something that is a little more budget friendly. If you are looking for some extra space so you do not feel so cramped during your stay, a list of Villa options have been hand selected for your convenience. You will find that some of these Vacation Spots are Disney Resorts like, Disney Animal Kingdom Kidani Village where you will feel as if you are in the middle of the savanna with wild animals all around during your stay. You might enjoy the feel of the Disney Beach Club Resort Villas where you get to enjoy a unique pool area with a sand bottom pool and a very cool Water Slide. There are also other properties available that are located just outside of Disney like the amazing 5 Star Property, Reunion Resort. This resort is massive with a total of 11 Pools and its very own Water Park complete with a twisting water slide and lengthy Lazy River. Whatever you decide, you should be happy with the choice you have made and the family will be glad that you did.

If you do not need a kitchen, you can expand your available options by looking at the 2 Bedroom Suites in Orlando.

Orlando Florida 2 Bedroom Villas with Water Fun Features